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7th grade sci.

Chapter 25 Reviw

The fluid portion of blood is: Plazma
The filtering organ of the excretory system: Kidney
Fluid-filled sac that surrounds the heart: Peracardium
Muscular wall that devides the heart Ceptum
Vessles that carry oxygen to the heart Coranry Arteries
Red Blood Cells Erithrocytes
Molocules that carry oxygen Antigins
Leukocytes White Blood Cells
The bodies ability to recognize and to respond Ammunity
When a transplant organ is rejected, the body's _____ system attacks the transplant Ammune
Antibodies are produced by _______ cells Plazma
Inflamation, mucas production, and cillia movement are all part of the body's ______ defences Nonspecific
The amount of pressure the blood puts on arery walls is: Blood Pressure
A ________ machine is used as a substitute kidney Dialisis
An overreaction of the immune system to a nonpathogen is an: Alergy
A ________ is a microscopic unit that filters blood Nephron
_______ is a waste product produced by the action of the liver on ammonia Urea
The ______ is the tube leading from the kidney to the bladder Uriter
The _______ ______ is a muscularthat temporarily stores liquid waste Uranry Bladder
The maintenance of the internate conditions of your body: homeostasis
Only _______ have valves Veins
Blood enters the right atrium through the: Deoriginated
The normal amount of heart beats: 70 Beats
In a normal body there are ______ liters of blood 35
The inability of blood to carry enough oxygen: Anemia
__________ in the red cells carry oxygen Hemogloben
According to doctors, it is ________ for people to sweat blood Possible
The primary function of the excritory system is to _______ waists from the blood to ______ them from the body Remove, Release
Stress in a person's life can cause blood pressure to _______ Rise
The body _____ increase blood pressure by making the heart beat faster Can
_______ cells produce antibodies Plazma
The walls of the ______ ventrical are thicker than the walls of the ______ ventrical Left, Right
Capillaries merge to form ______ Veins
The _________ automaticly causes the heart to beat at normal pace Pacemaker
Pulse Pulse
Autoammune Autoammune
Kidney Kidney
Created by: boo81