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Science Vocab.

Includes many 6th grade science words

accuracy a description of how close a measurement is to the true value of the quantity measured
complex technology a form of technology that is made of carefully designed pieces and are extremely complicated
data table a table or chart used to organize information gathered in an experiment
dependent variable the factor that changes as a result of manipulation of the independent variable in an experiment
empirical evidence the observations, measurements, and other types of data that people gather and test to support and evaluate scientific explanations
engineering the application of science and mathematics to solve real-life problems
experiment an organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions
graph a picture or diagram used to organize data
prediction a guess of what will happen in the future
quantitative observation an observation that has anything to do with numbers
range the distance between the highest and lowest in a set of numbers
mode the most commonly used number in a set of numbers
median the number closest to the middle of the range in a set of numbers
bar graph a type of graph used to compare numbers with each other
hypothesis an educated guess
uncontrolled variable a variable in an experiment that happens unexpectedly and wasn't part of the original experiment
histogram a type of bar graph that shows the frequency of data within equal intervals
increments\intervals the number of advancement on each axis in a graph
independent variable the variable that is purposely manipulated
inference a guess made using data or observations
controlled variable the variable that stays the same within experiments
line graph a graph that shows the incline or decline of the data represented in the graph
observation data gathered during an experiment using the senses
pie chart\circle graph a graph that shows each number as part of a whole, or demonstrates their percentage in the group
simple technology tools that are easily made and do not have many parts
precision the exactness of a measurement
prototype the original representation of an idea or invention
pseudoscience explanations of the natural world that commonly are not logical, and are assumed true because they are not proven false
metric system the most commonly used system of measurement around the globe
qualitative observation an observation made by using the senses
science the systematic study of the natural world
T chart a chart made by two columns where the title is separated from the data by a horizontal line and the columns are separated by a vertical line intersecting the horizontal line, forming a T.
technology tools made to make life easier
x axis the horizontal axis on a graph
y axis the vertical axis on a graph
Created by: ojf.1029
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