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Fundamentals Exam 2

A patient is experiencing oliguria. Which action should the nurse perform first? Assess for bladder distention.
The nurse knows that indwelling catheters are placed before a cesarean because Spinal anesthetics can temporarily disable urethral sphincters.
The nurse knows that urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most common health care–associated infection because Escherichia coli pathogens are transmitted during surgical or catheterization procedures.
When caring for a patient with urinary retention, the nurse would anticipate an order for A urinary catheter.
Upon palpation, the nurse notices that the bladder is firm and distended; the patient expresses an urge to urinate. The nurse should follow up by asking “When was the last time you voided?”
Which of the following is the primary function of the kidney? Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance
Which nursing diagnosis related to alternations in urinary function in an older adult should be a nurse’s first priority? Risk of infection
A patient asks about treatment for urge urinary incontinence. The nurse’s best response is to advise the patient to Perform pelvic floor exercises.
To obtain a clean-voided urine specimen for a female patient, the nurse should teach the patient to Hold the labia apart while voiding into the specimen cup
When viewing a urine specimen under a microscope, what would the nurse expect to see in a patient with a urinary tract infection? Bacteria
What signs and symptoms would the nurse expect to observe in a patient with excessive white blood cells present in the urine? Fever and chills
The nurse would anticipate an order for which diagnostic test for a patient who has severe flank pain and calcium phosphate crystals revealed on urinalysis? KUB x-ray
Which statement by the patient about an upcoming computed tomography (CT) scan indicates a need for further teaching? “I will be anesthetized so that I lie perfectly still during the procedure.”
The nurse anticipates preparing a patient who is allergic to shellfish for an arteriogram by Administering an antihistamine medication to the patient
A nurse anticipates urodynamic testing for a patient with which symptom? Involuntary urine leakage
Many individuals have difficulty voiding in a bedpan or urinal while lying in bed because they Would feel more comfortable assuming a normal voiding position.
The nurse would anticipate inserting a Coudé catheter for which patient? A 56-year-old male admitted for bladder irrigation
The nurse knows that which indwelling catheter procedure places the patient at greatest risk for acquiring a urinary tract infection? Placing the drainage bag on the side rail of the patient’s bed
When caring for a hospitalized patient with a urinary catheter, which nursing action best prevents the patient from acquiring an infection? Performing hand hygiene before and after providing perineal care
An 86-year-old patient asks the nurse what lifestyle changes will reduce the chance of a urinary tract infection. Which response is accurate? Increasing consumption of acidic foods such as cranberry juice will reduce the chance of infection.
To reduce patient discomfort during closed catheter irrigation, the nurse should Use room temperature irrigation solution.
Which observation by the nurse best indicates that bladder irrigation for urinary retention has been effective? Recording an output that is larger than the amount instilled
The nurse anticipates urinary diversion from the kidneys to a site other than the bladder for which patient? A 12-year-old female with severe abdominal trauma
Which nursing actions are acceptable when collecting a urine specimen? (Select all that apply.)
The nurse properly obtains a 24-hour urine specimen collection by (Select all that apply.)
Which of the following are indications for irrigating a urinary catheter? (Select all that apply.)
Which of the following symptoms are most closely associated with uremic syndrome? (Select all that apply.)
The nurse understands that peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis use which processes to clean the patient’s blood? (Select all that apply.) Osmosis Diffusion
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