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Science As Inquiry

Unit TestSc. Method

In what part of the scientific method do we find out as much about the topic as possible? research
What part of the scientific method states the problem or what you want to learn? purpose
What part of the scientific method develops a procedure to test the hypothesis? experiment
What part of the scientific method records what happened during the experiment? analysis
What part of the scientific method predicts the answer to the problem? hypothesis
What part of the scientific method compares the hypothesis to the results? conclusion
What is the correct order for the steps of the scientific method? purpose, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion
What is it called when a scientist performing the research experiment influences the results in order the portray a certain outcome? bias
What do we call an explanation of a past event? inference
What do we call a guess about the future? prediction
What are the factors in an experiment that are measured and recorded in the analysis and determine the conclusion? dependent varible
What are the factors in an experiment that we change to test the hypothesis? independent variable
What are the factors in an experiment that remain the same for all test groups? constant variables
When we guess or draw a conclusion about an object or future event based on observations we are doing which of the following? inferring and predicting
Using your 5 senses to learn about an object or event is _________. observing
Mya saw a the wind blowing the trees very hard and said, "It is going to storm today." What is her statement? preditcion
Sam saw the children kick the ball. What has he made? observation
Sara sees her friend wear blue everyday and thinks blue is her favorite color. What has she made? inference
What are explanations of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations? scientific theory
review all practice pages on identify the steps of the scientific method, finding variables and controls
What describes a pattern or event in nature that is always true? Scientific law
What is the practical use of scientific knowledge? technology
What is a measurement using numbers? Quanitity
What is a measure using condition or characteristics? Quality
What is describing an event or object to another? commnuicating
What is the group used to compare with the test group? control
Created by: michelle jenkins