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Astronomy Q&A

Use this stack to study for science tests. All topics. Every lab.

What was Aristotle's belief in the solar system? Aristotle believed that all bodies in space moved in perfect circles around the earth. (geocentric solar system)
What was Ptolemy's belief in the solar system? Ptolemy believed that planets move in little circles along the big circular path. (geocentric solar system)
What was Copernicus's belief in the solar system? Copernicus believed in a sun-centered solar system rather than an Earth centered one. However, people didn't believe him because his claims were not supported with scientific evidence. (heliocentric solar system)
What was Galileo's belief in the solar system? Galileo also believed in a sun centered solar system because Venus goes through phases similar to the moon. This wouldn't be true if there was an Earth centered solar system.(heliocentric solar system)
What is a geocentric solar system? An earth-centered solar system
What is a heliocentric solar system? A sun-centered solar system.
What is the Nature of Science? What does it mean? The Nature of Science is when scientists themselves build off of one another's ideas. Like Aristotle, Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Galileo.
How long does it take the earth to revolve around the sun? How long does it take to rotate itself? 365.25 days, 24 hours
What is an axis? An imaginary line that passes through the earth's center and the North and South poles.
What causes day and night? As the earth revolves around the sun, it is also rotating on it's axis. Being on it's axis causes the different sides of the earth to face the sun at different times of the day causing day and night.
What does revolution/revolve mean? Moving around the object.
What does rotate mean? Moving in circles itself.
What is the reason for the seasons? As the earth revolves around the sun, and rotates itself, the hemispheres are always facing different sides of the sun. Causing the light and heat from the sun to hit different hemispheres. Causing the seasons.
How many degrees is the earth tilted at? 23.5 degree tilt
In what shape does he earth rotate in? Elliptical
When does Leap Year occur? Every 4 years
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