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Scientific Method

Snails crawl 7 cm per second on glass. O or I? O
Snails are awesome. O or I? I
I think the snails are going to get stepped on outside. O or I? I
Snails crawl 2 cm per second on concrete. O or I? O
Snail shells look like an ice cream sandwich. O or I? I
What is the scientific method? (according to our notes) the series of steps that scientists use to answer questions and solve problems
Is there only one set version of the scientific method? no its not a rigid procedure
What is the goal of the scientific method? to come up with reliable answers and solutions
How many steps are in the scientific method according to our notes? 6
What is step 1 of the scientific method? Ask a question
What is step 2 of the scientific method? Form a hypothesis
What is step 3 of the scientific method? Experiment
What is step 4 of the scientific method? Collect and Analyze Data
What is step 5 of the scientific method? Draw Conclusions
What is step 6 of the scientific method? Communicate Results
What is it called when only 1 factor is tested at a time and all the other parts of the experiment stay the same except for 1? controlled experiment
What is the name of the 1 factor that is changed (tested) in an experiment? variable
What is a clear statement of what you expect the answer to your question to be? hypothesis
During an experiment it is very important that you collect what? data
Two ways you can organize the results of your experiment are by making what? chart and graph
What is the step of the scientific method where you decide whether or not your results support your original idea? draw conclusions
What is the last step of the scientific method? (It can be done by writing, presentation, or another way) communicate results
Name 3 science process skills observe, infer, classify
A spill or accident should be reported to the teacher. T or F? T
You should push your lab partner. T or F? F
Hair and long or baggy clothes should be tied back. T or F? T
It is ok to make up an experiment and not follow the directions of the teacher. T or F? F
Googles are worn to protect your eyes. T or F? T
If you wear glasses, you don't have to wear goggles. T or F? F
You don't have to wash your hands after lab or clean up your area. T or F? F
Do Snails crawl faster on concrete or glass? (Q,H,E,D,C?) Q
Amber: Left eye: decreased. Right eye: decreased Julio: Left eye: decreased. Right eye: decreased Claudia: Left eye: decreased. Right eye: decreased (Q,H,E,D,C?) D
I will test my lab partner's pupils by covering one eye and shining a light directly into the other. Then, I will note the change in pupil size. (Q,H,E,D,C?) E
If snails move faster on smoother surfaces, then a snail will move faster on glass than on concrete. (Q,H,E,D,C?) H
The results of the experiment showed that pupil size decreases when there is more light present. In order to absorb less light, the pupils shrink. (Q,H,E,D,C?) C
Snail 1: Glass-45s, Concrete- 55s Snail 2: Glass-49s, Concrete-49s Snail 3: Glass-55s, Concrete-56s (Q,H,E,D,C?) D
What make the pupil in the eyes change size? (Q,H,E,D,C?) Q
I will organize snail races on glass and concrete and compare how fast snails travel on each surface. (Q,H,E,D,C?) E
If a pupil shows how much light is visible, then it will get smaller in size when there is more light. (Q,H,E,D,C?) H
Created by: mklein51