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Cultures & Governments

The beliefs, customs, laws, art and ways of living that a group of people have. Culture
Each kind of food, clothing, technology. Each belief, language or tool shared which shape the way of a person’s life. Culture Trait
An acceptance of many cultures instead of just one. Multiculturalism
People of different cultures living and interacting with each other. Cultural Diversity
The spreading of one culture from one region to another. Cultural Diffusion
An area of the world in which many people share similar beliefs, history, and languages. Culture Region
In this form of government there are no laws. Anarchy
One person makes all the rules in this government. Totalitarianism
Only a few elite people are the rulers in this government. Oligarchy/Aristocracy
You may have to bow or curtsy to the ruler in this government. Monarchy
In this government, you vote for your leader. Democracy
Power may pass from father to son in this type of government. Monarchy
When the government gets overthrown this type of government may occur. Anarchy
Saddam Hussein was an example of this government. Totalitarianism
After Hurricane Katrina there was chaos and no order. Anarchy
In England, they used to have this type of government. Monarchy
In this government, you vote for a representative. Democracy
The goal is a classless society Communism
This government you have a strong sense of nationalism and control. Usually have their own uniforms or symbols. Fascism
This government usually creates laws from a religion Theocracy
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