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Lesson Notes

Intermediate I - Lesson Notes 1 - Halper

お名前は何ですか. What is your name? (casual)
お名前は? What is your name? (more polite)
お名前はなん と おっしゃいます か. What are you called? (most polite)
[last name, first name] と もうします. I am called [last name, first name]. (most polite)
[last name, first name] と よんで ください. Please call me [last name]. (more polite)
[last name, first name] と よんで ください. Please call me [first name]. (casual)
[first name] です. I am [first name]. (most casual)
お仕事は? Your job is? (more polite)
お仕事は何 を して いらっしゃいます か. What is the job that you do? (most polite)
ソニーに つとめて います。 I am employed by Sony. (most polite)
デザイナー を して います。 I am a designer. (more casual)
デザイナーの 仕事 を して います。 I have a job as a designer. (more polite)
ご しゅっしん は どちら です か。 From where did you originate? (more polite)
お 国はどちら です か。 Which country are you from? (more polite)
うまれ は 東京 です けど、 そだち は 大阪です。 I was born in Tokyo but grew up in Osaka.
あけまして おめでとう (ございます). Happy New Year! (most polite) (said during the first 15 days of the New Year)
よい おとしを Wishing you a Good Coming New Year! (said before the New Year's)
りょこう、 き を つけて( ね)。 Travel, be careful. (said to a friend going on a trip) (casual)
りょこう、 おき を つけて いって きて ください。 Travel, and please be careful coming and going. (more polite)
それ は いけません ね。 おだいじ に。 This doesn't go (well). Take care. (said to someone who is ailing or has a family member who is ailing)
ごめん ください. Excuse me. (said when you first enter someone's house)
おまちしてました. I've been waiting (for you). (more casual)
どうぞ。 あがって ください。 Come this way. Please come in/step up. (said when the restof the house is about a foot higher than the entrance)
おじゃまします。 Excuse me for disturbing you. (said when you take your shoes off at someone's house)
これ は つまらないもの です けど. This is a humble gift for you.
えんりょなく いただきます. I will humbly receive it without any hesitation, the hesitation coming from humility.
ごしゅじん が いつも おせわ に なって います. Thank you for taking care of my husband.
にほん は ながいん です か。 Have you been in Japan long?
にほん ご が おじょうず です か。 Are you good at the Japanese language?
いいえ、 まだ まだ へた です。 No, (my Japanese language speaking skills) are still poor.
そんなこと は ありません よ。 No, that is not true (there is no such thing). (said after someone says they are poor at something).
けっこん して いらっしゃいます か。 Are you married?
どこ に 行く の. Where are you going? (casual with directional ni)
どこ へ 行く の. Where are you going? (casual with directional e)
どちら へ . Where are you going? (more polite)
おでかけ です か. Are you going out? (most polite)
ちょっと郵便局 まで. I'm going to the post office. (both casual and polite)
ちょっと そこ まで。 I'm going somewhere (a little far). (both casual and polite)
あ、私もよ. Oh, me too. (casual, female speaker)
あ、 ぼく も だよ。 Oh, me too. (casual, male speaker)
あ, 私 も 何 です よ。 Oh, that is also what I'm going to do. (polite)
いっしょ に 行く? Would you like to go together? (casual)
いっしょ に 行きません か。 Wouldn't you like to go together? (polite)
Created by: Nolin



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