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phrasal verbs

look break run come

look for - szukać I'm ________________ Emma. Do you know where she is? looking for
look forward to (v-ing) - oczekiwać, nie móc się doczekać I have a dentist appointment today. I'm not ________________ it at all. looking forward to
look up - poszukać (w słowniku, książce telefonicznej) I like ________________ words ________________ in dictionaries, although it's time consuming. looking (...) up
break down - zepsuć się The car ________________ on the motorway. broke down
break into - włamać się They ________________ the bank and stole 1 zł. broke into
break up - rozpoczynać wakacje School ________________ for the summer in June. breaks up
break out - rozpoczynać się (nagle) The fire ________________ early this morning. broke out
run into sb - wpaść na kogoś I ________________ an old school friend who I hadn't seen for ten years. ran into
run out of sth - skończyć się, wyczerpać I've ________________ energy and I need to relax. run out of
run after - gonić, biec za The policeman ________________ the robber. ran after
run over - potrącić (samochodem) The car lost control and almost ________________ a dog. ran over
come across - natknąć się I ________________ a beautiful armchair in my grandmother's attic. came across
come back - wrócić When she ________________ please tell her I called. comes back
come round - przyjść do kogoś (z wizytą) My aunt ________________ last evening and stayed to midnight. came round
come into - odziedziczyć Just after I left university, I ________________ a bit of money. came into
look after - opiekować się Who's going to ________________ the dog while you're on holiday? look after