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Livy Book 1

50% most popular words from Livy's History of Rome

sum to be, exist, live
et and
ad to, toward
is he, she, it, the one mentioned
edo to eat, consume
ab all the way from
sui himself, herself, itself, themselves
Romanus of Rome, Roman
neque and not yet
qui in what manner? how? whereby? by what means? why?
omnis all, every
ex out of, from within
qui who? which? what? what kind of a?
atque and
ut where
ut that, so that
consul a consul
facio to make, construct, fashion, frame, build, erect, produce, compose
ipse self
quis who? which one?
quis any one, anybody, anything, someone, somebody, something
tum then, at that time, in those times
eo to go, walk, ride, sail, fly, move, pass
animus the rational soul
urbs a walled town, city
plebs the common people, commons, commonalty, plebeians, folk
possum to be able, have power, can
hic in this place, here
hic haec, gen. horum
deinde then, next, thereafter, thence
primus the first, first
jam are you going so soon
non not, by no means, not at all
suus of oneself, belonging to oneself, his own, her own, his, her, its, their
hostis a stranger, foreigner
cos a flintstone
vis strength, force, vigor, power, energy, virtue
cum with, together with, in the company of, in connection with, along with, together
cum when, at the time when
Roma Rome, the mother city
res a thing, object, matter, affair, business, event, fact, circumstance, occurence, deed, condition, case
Eos the dawn
tu thou, you
venio to come
pater a father, sire
bellum war
habeo to have, hold, support, carry, wear
tantus of such size, of such a measure, so great, such
bellus pretty, handsome, neat, pleasant, fine, agreeable
multus many, a great number
a from, away from, out of
video to see, discern, perceive
haud not, not at all, by no means
rex an arbitrary ruler, absolute monarch, king
ago to put in motion, move, leasd, drive, tend, conduct
ito to go
consulo to meet and consider, reflect, deliberate, take counsel, consult, take care, have regard, look out, be mindful
fero to bear, carry, support, life, hold, take up
aut or
regnum kingly government, royal authority, kingship, royalty
magnus a great man
Magnus a Roman surname
ita in this manner, in this way, in such a way, so, thus, accordingly, as has been said
publicus of the people, of the state, done for the state, public, common
ibi in that place, there
ubi in which place, in what place, where
ille that
tamen notwithstanding, nevertheless, for all that, however, yet, still
imperium a command, order, direction, injunction
jubeo imposed
etiam now too, yet, as yet, even yet, still, even now
ager productive land, a field, farm, estate, arable land, pasture
civitas the condition of a citizen, citizenship, freedom of the city, membership in the community
ego i, me, we, us
domus a house, dwelling-house, building
nihil i may be somewhat in doubt
dico to say, speak, utter, tell, mention, relate, affirm, declare, state, assert
quisque whoever it be, whatever, each, each one, every, everybody, every one, everything (of more than two)
ira anger, wrath, rage, ire, passion, indignation
alius something else
homo a human being, man, person
idem the same
quia because
ante before, in front, forwards
fio pass. of facio
locus a place, spot
dies a day, civil day
parvus little, small, petty, puny, inconsiderable
Volsci the most considerable people in Latium
redeo Of persons, to go back, turn back, return, turn around
deus a god, deity
Fabius one of the rural tribes
Albanus the peace between the Romans and the Albans
prior former, previous, prior, first
virus a potent juice, medicinal liquid, poison, venom, virus
inquam to say
credo to give as a loan, lend, make a loan
pars a part, piece, portion, share, division, section
per through, across, through the midst of, from side to side of, traversing
nomen a means of knowing, name, appellation
per very crafty
regno to have royal power, be king, rule, reign
populus a people, nation
enim for, for instance, namely, that is to say, i mean, in fact
tribunus the head of a tribe
inter the space between two rows
quidem assuredly, certainly, in fact, indeed
velut in a comparison, even as, just as, like as, like
spes hope
Tarquinii the district of the Tarquinii
reor to reckon, calculate, believe, think, suppose, imagine, judge, deem
reor again, back, anew, against
sequor to follow, come after, follow after, attend, accompany
sed but, on the contrary, but also, but even, but in fact
civis a citizen
do to hand over, deliver, give up, render, furnish, pay surrender
indo to put into, insert
miles soldier
multitudo a great number, multitude, crowd, throng
juvenis sons
pugna a hand-to-hand fight, fight at close quarters, battle, combat, action, engagement
nunc now, at present, at this time
Sue a town in Assyria
annus a year
consilium a council, body of counsellors, deliberative assembly
prope in space, near, nigh
acies a sharp edge, point, cutting part
filius a son
unus one, a single,
causa a cause, reason, motive, inducement, occasion, opportunity
impetus an attack, assault, onset
quoque also, too
inde of place, from that place, thence
Indus ivory
arma implements, outfit, instruments, tools
Indus the name of two rivers
duco to lead, conduct, guide, direct, draw, bring, fetch, escort
moveo to move, stir, set in motion, shake, disturb, remove
voco to call, summon, invoke, call together, convoke
corpus a body
metus fear, dread, apprehension, anxiety
armo to furnish with weapons, arm, equip
de from, away from, down from, out of
alter one, another, the one, the other
abeo to go from, go away, go off, go forth, go, depart
pugno to fight, combat, give battle, engage, contend
de down
quisquam any, any one
Tullus a Roman ambassador
accipio to take without effort, receive, get, accept
certamen a decisive contest, measuring of forces, struggle, strife, dispute, dissen
loco to place, put, lay, set, dispose, arrange
audio to hear
taneo to hold, keep, have, grasp, hold fast
Sabinus of the Sabini, Sabine
Latinus of Latium, Latin
dictator a dictator, chief magistrate with unlimited power
dux a leader, conductor, guide
addo to put to, place upon, lay on, join, attach
nullus not any, none, no
agmen that which is driven
mitto to cause to go, let go, send, send off, despatch
ingens not natural, immoderate, vast, huge, prodigious, enormous, great, remarkable
Alius another, other, different
rego to keep straight, lead aright, guide, conduct, direct, control
orior to arise, rise, stir, get up
lego to bring together, gather, collect
modus a measure, extent, quantity
patro to bring to pass, execute, perform, achieve, accomplish, bring about, effect, finish, conclude
exercitus a disciplined body of men, army
duo a board of two persons, an extraordinary criminal court
pax a compact, agreement, treaty, peace, treaty of peace, reconciliation
relinquo to leave behind, not take along, not stay with, leave, move away from, quit, abandon
gero to bear about, bear, carry, wear, have, hold, sustain
volo to will, wish, want, purpose, be minded, determine
auctor a promoter, producer, father, progenitor
gens a race, clan, house
lex a formal proposition for a law, motion, bill
vinco to conquer, overcome, get the better of, defeat, subdue, vanquish, be victorious
Valerius the name of a Roman
apud in the presence of
adeo to submit a cause to a referee
manus a hand
suo to sew, stitch, sew up, sew together
factum a deed, act, exploit, achievement
senatus the council of the elders, council of state, Senate, body of senators
ferox wild, bold, courageous, warlike, spirited, brave, gallant, fierce
regius of a king, kingly, royal, regal
templum an open place for observation, place marked off by the augur's staff
aetas the life of man, age, lifetime, years
nam for
exerceo to drive, keep busy, keep at work, oversee, work, agitate
libertas freedom, liberty, absence of restraint, permission
capio to take in hand, take hold of, lay hold of, take, seize, grasp
adsum to be at, be present, be at hand
trado to give up, hand over, deliver, transmit, surrender, consign
signum a mark, token, sign, indication, proof
periculum a trial, experiment, attempt, test, proof, essay
proelium a battle, combat
reddo to give back, return, restore
novus new, not old, young, fresh, recent
postquam after that, after, as soon as, when
collega one who is chosen at the same time with another
quidam a certain, a certain one, somebody, one, something
exercio to make up for
simul at the same time, together, at once, simultaneously
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