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FS - sketches

Questions for evidence and sketches

Define forensic science. Using science to solve crimes.
State Locard's exchange principal. When 2 objects touch, materials are exchanged between them. As the time the objects touch increases, the amount of materials exchanged increases.
Do class characteristics fit a large group or only one source? A large group.
Do individual characteristics fit a large group or only one source? Only one source
Define biological evidence. Evidence from a living thing.
Define manufactured evidence. Evidence from a source that was made by man.
Define impression evidence. Evidence that is imbedded in a substance or surface.
Blood, skin cells, and hair are examples of which type of evidence? biological evidence
Fingerprints, tool marks, and tire tracks are examples of which type of evidence? impression evidence
Bullets, fibers, and knives are examples of which type of evidence? manufactured evidence
Is a ransom note considered biological or manufactured evidence? manufactured
What type of sketch is made at the crime scene? rough sketch
Which type of sketch is generally drawn to scale? finished sketch
Why does it mean to secure a crime scene? To keep people out to protect evidence and to make sure no person leaves or takes any evidence
What are the different types of crime scene sketches? rough and finished
Which type of sketch is considered "pretty" or neatly done? finished sketch
Which type of sketch can be used in court? Both finished and rough
What does it mean to process a crime scene? to collect and label evidence
What does it mean to analyze a crime scene? to use the evidence to solve the crime
What 3 things should be visible in a distance or overall image of a crime scene? building name, street name, and street number
What is shown in a midrange image of a crime scene? The entrance to a building or room containing the crime scene.
Close-up photographs usually show evidence with and without what 2 crime scene tools? An evidence tents and rules for scale
Explain the difference between questioned specimen and known specimen. questioned specimen - we don't know exactly where it came from known specimen - the investigator knows the source of the evidence
Explain the difference between crime scene reconstruction and reenactment. reconstruction - telling the sets of events in a case based on evidence reenactment - using a computer or actors to recreate and act out a crime scene
Created by: lb goodlock