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Managing mail and correspondance

annotate To underline or highlight keypoints of a document or to write reminders.
Body Single-spaced lines of text that are the content of a business letter
Clarity Clearness in writing or stating a message.
Complimentary closing
Concise Brevity; the use of no unnecessary words
Courtesy title A title used before a persons name, such as Dr, Mr, or Ms.
Dateline The line at the top of a letter that contains the month day and year
Editing The process of ensuring that a document is accurate, clear, and complete; free of grammatical errors; organized logically; and written in the appropriate style
Enclosure Materials that are included in the same envelope as the primary letter
Full-block letter style A letter format in which all lines begin flush left; also called block style
Identification line A line at the bottom of a letter containing the letter writers initials and the typists initials
Inside address The name and the address of the person to whom the letter is being sent. It appears on a business letter two to four spaces down from the date.
Key The act of imputing or entering information into a computer
Letterhead Formal business stationary, with the doctor(or office) name and make a shallow incision; used for capillary puncture
Modified-block letter style A letter format similar to full-block style, except that the dateline, complimentary closing, signature block, and notations are aligned and begin at the center of a page or slightly to the right.
Notations Information found at the end of a business letter indicating enclosures included with the letter and the names of other people who will be receiving copies of the letter.
Optical Character reader (OCR) An electronic scanner than can read typed letters.
Proofreading Checking a document for formatting data and mechanical errors.
Salutation A written greeting such as Dear, used at the beginning of a letter
Signature block A writer's name and business title found four lines below the complimentary closing in a business letter.
Simplified letter style A modification of the full-block style in which the salutation and complimentary closing are omitted and a subject line typed in all capital letters is placed between the address and the body of the letter.
Subject line Optional line of 2 to 3 words that appears three lines below the inside address of a business letter
Template A guide that ensures consistency and accuracy.
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