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9/27 Vocab

Flashcards For Vocab Quiz

Variable anything in an experiment that can be changed
Model tools that scientists use to explain patterns they observe in the world
Question something that can be proven or disproven by experimentation
Data facts in the form of measurements or observations that can be collected for analysis
Explanation a proposal or idea that is subject to modification in light of new evidence.
Argument a statement based on result obtained in an experiment that followed accepted scientific practices
Investigation a systematic approach used to answer questions about the world
Observation the sensing and recording of information using scientific tools and instruments
Property a characteristics or attribute that something has such as height, weight, color, texture, odor, and more.
Claim a statement or prediction that can be proven or disproves by evedince
Evidence data that proves or disproves a claim
Reliable dependable, gives the same outcome or result every time
Measurment the process of using a tool to assign a number to an attribute such as hight, and more
Quantitative Data data that recorders a measurement of something being studied in numbers, such as length, amount, mass, and more
Qualitative Data data that recorders the qualities of something being studied in words such as color, texture, odor, and more
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