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biome examples

hot and dry climate desert
containing permafrost tundra
warm, rainy climate rain forest
goes through all four seasons temperate deciduous forest
ferns, orchids and vines rain forest
contains coniferous trees taiga/boreal/coniferous forest
contains trees that shed their leaves each fall temperate deciduous forest
cactus desert
grass, shrubs and small trees grasslands
has a canopy and understory rain forest
less than 25cm rain per year tundra or desert
opossum, mice, skunk temperate deciduous forest
bison, antelope, zebras, rhinoceros, giraffe, and kangaroos grasslands/savannah
oaks and maples temperate deciduous forest
gila monster desert
winter snow and cold but summers warm and rainy taiga/boreal/coniferous forest
wide variety on insects , plants and snimals rainforest
red squirrels, wolves, bears, and lynxes taiga/boreal/coniferous forest
biome we live in temperate deciduous forest
mosses, lichen, Caribou, foxes, wolves, and arctic hares tundra
jellyfish, whales, dolphin, eels marine
trout, frogs freshwater
crabs, worms, clams, oysters marine & estuary
plants store water usingtheir waxy coating taiga/boreal/coniferous forest
lakes, ponds, stream, rivers freshwater
oceans, seas marine
largest of the biomes because it covers 70% of earth's surface marine
high temps in the day, low temps at night desert
cold temps, litle rainfall tundra
cold temps, high rainfall Taiga/Boreal/ Coniferous Forest
Located: North Africa, Middle East, Western US, Middle of Asia desert
Located: Central America, Northern S. America, SE Asia rainforest
Located: Southern Africa, Mid US, southern S. Africa, mid Asia grasslands
Located: foar northern Asia, far northern N. America tundra
Located: northern Asia, northern N. America taiga/ Boreal/ coniferous forest
Located: eastern US, Europe, and eastern Asia temperate deciduous forest
Created by: cindyjritter