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Regions & Landforms

4th Grade Social Studies

Region a large area in which places share similar characteristics.
Landform a natural feature of the Earth's surface.
Mountain a very high landform often with steep sides.
Plain an area of flat land that is often covered with grass or trees.
Desert an area that receives less than 10 inches of rain a year.
Plateau a large, flat raised are of land.
Canyon a deep valley with steep, rocky walls
Boundary a line or natural feature that separates
inset map smaller maps that are related to the main map
Washington, DC. The capital city of the United States located in the District of Columbia (this is where the White House is located)
5 Regions Northeast Southeast Southwest Midwest West
I contain part of the oldest mountain range (Appalachian Mts.) I am mostly hilly and rocky along the Atlantic Coast. I have good farmland to the west. Northeast region
The Appalachian Mts. gradually flatten here. West of these mountains are plains. The world's largest cave system (Mammoth Cave) is here. The Mississippi and Red Rivers flow through this region. Southeast region
I have flat, grassy plains and large areas of forest. There are some rolling hills like the Smoky Hills in Kansas. The Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri rivers flow through here. Midwest region
This region only has four states. It has deserts and canyons. The Grand Canyon is located here. The Colorado Plateau is located here. Southwest region
The highest and lowest temperatures have been recorded here. I also have the highest and lowest landforms. My region includes Alaska and Hawaii West region
State boundaries are set by who? The government
Regional boundaries are based on what? Major landforms
What is the highest landform in the United Sates? Mt. McKinley (located in Alaska)
What is the lowest landform in the United States? Death Valley (located in California)
What is the highest landform in the world? Mt. Everest (located in Asia)
What is the lowest landform in the world? The Dead Sea (located in Israel)
Weather the condition of the air at certain times and places
Climate the weather patterns in one place over a long period of time
Precipitation the amount of moisture that falls as rain or snow
Temperature measurement of how cold or hot something is
Humidity the amount of moisture in the air
Equator the imaginary line that circles the center of the Earth.
Tropical Climate an area that is usually very warm because it is near the Equator
Temperate Climate moderate area between the tropical and subartic. (Most of the United States)
Polar climate areas around the north and the south pole with the coldest temperatures
Subartic Climate short warm summers and ground covered with show for most of the year.
How much of the Earth is covered by water? 3/4 (Three fourths)
The sun converts the water into what? Vapor (invisible gas)
Subtropical Climate area that is not as warm.
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