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RNSG 1413

Chapter 16 Health Assessment

Flat, nonpalpable changes in skin color, smaller than 1 cm (I.e. freckle) Macule
Palpable, circumscribed, solid elevation in skin, smaller than 0.5 cm. Papule
Elevated solid mass, deeper and firmer than papule, 0.5 to 2 xm (i.e. wart) Nodule
Solid mass that extends deep through subcutaneous tissue, larger than 1 to 2 cm (i.e. epithelioma) Tumor
Irregularly shaped, elevated area or superficial localized edema, varies in size (i.e. hives, mosquito bite) Wheal
Circumscribed elevation of skin filled with serous fluid, smaller than 1cm (i.e. herpes simplex, chickenpox) Vesicle
Circumscribed elevation of skin similar to vesicle but filled with pus; varies in size (i.e. acne, staphylococcal infection) Pustule
Deep loss os skin surface that sometimes extends to dermis and frequently bleeds and scars, varies in size (i.e. venous stasis ulcer) Ulcer
Thinning of skin with loss of normal skin furrow with skin appearing shiny and translucent; varies in size (i.e. arterial insufficiency) Atrophy
Fine crackles; High-pitched fine, short interrupted crackling sounds heard during end of inspiration. Crackles
Loud, low-pitched, rumbling coarse sounds heard either during inspiration or expiration, may be cleared by coughing Rhonchi (sonorous wheeze)
High-pitched, continuous musical sounds such as a squeak heard continuously during inspiration or expiration; usually louder on expiration Wheezes ( sibilant wheeze)
Dry, grating quality heard during inspiration; does not clear with coughing; heard loudest over lover lateral anterior surface Pleural friction rub
Created by: pdimple