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Science Vocab 4

CONDENSATION molecules of water vapor come together to form liquid water
EVAPORATION water molecules in liquid water escape into the air as water vapor
PRECIPITATION any form of water that falls from clouds
RUNOFF water that does not sink in but runs along Earth's surface. Includes streams, brooks and rivers
TRANSPIRATION the loss of water from plant leaves released during photosynthesis
INFILTRATION water that seeps into the soil to eventually join ground water
CONDUCTION direct transfer of thermal (heat) energy from one substance touching another
CONVECTION transfer of thermal (heat) energy by the movement of a fluid Gasses are considered fluids
DROUGHT When an area of land does not receive enough rain to meet its needs over a long period of time.
FLASH FLOOD A sudden, violent flood that occurs within hours or minutes of a storm. Usually involves very dangerous, fast moving water.
Created by: Jesse.E