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Weather Vocabulary

What instrument measures relative humidity? Sling Psychrometer / Hygrometer
What instrument measures air temperature? Thermometer
What instrument measures air pressure? Barometer
What instrument measures wind direction? Wind Vane
What instrument measures wind speed? Anenometer
Clouds are formed by which part of the water cycle? Condensation
___ clouds are puffy and white and often have flat bases. Cumulus
Which type of clouds blanket the sky in layers? Stratus
Which type of clouds are bright white and wispy? Cirrus
As water vapor rises into the air, it beings to __________ and change into liquid water droplets. Cool
What type of cloud goes high into the atmosphere, is puffy and dark looking, and is associated (related) to storms called? Cumulonimbus
A middle level cloud that is puffy looking in appearance would be best described as a ____. Altocumulus
Alto- Middle Level
Cirro - High Level
Strato- Low Level
What is the oundary between a cold air mass and a warm air mass is called? Front
When a cold air mass wedges under and lifts a warm air mass, we call it a ______________. Cold Front
When a warm air mass pushes back a cold air mass as it goes over top of it, we call it a ___________. Warm Front
What type of weather is coming when you notice a cumulus cloud turning into a cumulonimbus cloud? Stormy weather
If the meteorologist says to expect a high pressure system moving in, we can expect ____. Fair weather
If the meteorologist says to expect a low pressure system moving in, we can expect _____. Stormy/Rainy Weather
Wind is the movement of air from an area of higher pressure to an area of lower ___________. Pressure
When the cold air mass and the warm air mass are equally strong, what type of front is occurring? Stationary Front
When the cold air mass is hidden in between 2 warm air masses, what type of front is occurring? Occluded Front
What type of wind blows steadily over long distances? Global Winds
What forms at the boundaries of adjacent air masses with significant differences in temperature, such as of the polar region and the warmer air to the south? Jet Stream
What is the driving force for convection currents? Thermal (Heat) Energy
The 3 major climate zones are tropical, temperate, and _____. Polar
_______ are responsible for much of the movement of weather across North America. Prevailing Westerlies
During the day, cool air from the water moves over the land creating a _________________. Land Breeze
At night, cool air over the land moves toward the warmer air over the water, creating a ____________. Sea Breeze
What wind system effects the weather patterns in the US? Prevailing Westerlies
In which direction does the jet stream go? West to East
Why do mountain climbers need to carry tanks of oxygen when climbing the highest of mountains? The higher up you go, the more spread out the oxygen molecules become.
Wind is the movement of air from an area of _______ to an area of ______. High pressure to an area of low pressure.
Which type of storm forms when a lower pressure system develops over warm water? Hurricane
What is the most abundant greenhouse gas? Carbon Dioxide
Air is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases. Of the 1% of remaining gases, which is the most abundant? Argon
Where are trade winds located? North of the equator up to 30 degrees latitude and South of the Equator 30 degrees latitude.
Created by: jmarek15