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peds development

pediatric development

Usual weight gain for 3 year olds 4-6 lbs
average weight for 3 year olds 32 lbs
usual gain of _____ inches per year for 3 year olds 3 inches
Gross motor skills for 3 year olds rides tricycle, stands on one foot for a few seconds, goes up stairs using alternate feet, may come down using both feet on step. try to dance-bad balance
fine motor skills for age 3 builds tower of 9-10 cubes, places small pellets in narrow bottle (15 mo), copies circle, names what has been drawn, cant draw stick figure
lang skills of age 3 900 words, 3-4 word sentences, asks many questions
cognition skills of age 3 preconceptual, egocenric
Fine moor skills-age 4 scissors, lace shoes, copies a square, traces a cross or diamond
Language age 4 1500 words, 4-5 word sentences, tells exaggerated stories, knows simple songs, names colors, knows analogies "if....then...."
cognition of age 4 intuitive thought, understands time a little better, unable to conserve matter, judges everything according to one dimension (fat), follows rules because set, not because know right/wrong, may run away from home
age 5 gross motor skills skips/hops, throws and catches ball, jumps rose, balances on alternate feet with eyes clothes.
age 5 fine motor skills ties shoelaces, uses pencils very well,
age 5 language skills 2100 words, 6-8 sentences, knows coins. names 4 or more colors, knows name of days
age 5 cognition skills compare themselfs with others, may notice prejudice, can view others perspective, strongly identifies with parent of same sex
speech is most crucial in what ages_____? 2-4
preschoolers need how many calories? fluid? toddlers need how many cal? 90kcal/kg for preschoolers, 100ml/kg/day, and 102kcal for toddlers
preschoolers need how much protein? 13-19 g/day
recomendation for calcium age 1-3 is _____? for 4-8 is_______? 500 mg, 800mg
5 year olds arent ______ w/ foods and ready for ________eating? arent as picky, and ready for "social" side of eating
preschoolers need ____hours of sleep 12
night terrors are common in _______? preschoolers
permanent teeth at_________ age 5
erikson stage for preschooler initiative vs. guilt
development of superego what age group? preschoolers
another term for mercury poisening acrodynia
_______children are at greater risk for lead poisening hispanic
level of lead in blood considered a concern 10mcg/dl
what is the term called for removing lead from body? chelation
between ages 6-12 children will grow an average of ___inches a year? 2 inches
age 6-12 will gain _____lbs a year. 4.5-6.5lbs
average 6 year old weighs _____lbs 46lbs
average 12 year old weighs ______lbs 88lbs
bladder capacity greater in _______ girls
what is preadolescence period of 2 years that begins at end of middle childhood and ends with 13 bday, prepubescence occurs durring this time
first signs of prepubescence at age ____? 9 years
cognitive development of school year child change from perceptual thinking to conceptual thinking, able to use memories to evaluate things, master conservation, classification, learn how to read
play in the school years rules and rituals, team play, collect things
what is latchkey children mean? children in elementry school who are left to care for themselves without supervision before or after school
cheating is most common in what age? 5-6 yr olds
stealing common in what age? 5-8 yr olds
when does estrogen peak in females within 3 years of menarche
what is adrenarche? pubic hair on mons pubis
thelarche 9-13-development of breasts
what are apocrine glands? sweat glands responde to bacteria, under arm, pubic area sweat glands
what are eccerne glands? all over body sweat glands
Piagets formal operations? adolescence, abstract thinking, concerned about others thoughts and needs
what age group do we see when they question morals and protest? adolescence
when does awareness of homosexuality begin? what are they at risk for? adolescence-at risk for poor health outcomes (not because of sex but emotia
amenorrhea no period, primary(no menarche by 14/15 or no secondary sex characteristics), secondary (normal then not)
what would we give to help painful menses? antiprostaglandins-motrin
type of play in toddlers parallel, imitation most common
can jump using both feet at 2.5 years
by _______can trhow ball overhand 18 mo
developmental task for toddlers (erikson) autonomy vs. shame/doubt
when is negatism common toddlerhood
when does awareness of a casual relationship between two events become apparent 5th stage of sensorimotor phase (13-18 mo) when they use active experimentation
final sensorimotor phase 19-24 mo-object permanence, imitate, big time for domestic mimicry and sex role behavior
preoperational phase 2-7-toddlers think from their perception only
what age do children start thinking about heaven/hell and their behavior/moral development that influence their behavior end of toddlerhood/preoperational thought
when are gender differences reconized age 2
when is their gender identity known age 3
what is rapprochement child moves away from mother and returns for reassurance
number of words by age 2 300
what age can they feed themselfs, use a spoon? fork? 15 mo feed themselfs, 2 years a spoon, 3 years a fork
when do kids like o eat with family and help with chores 2-3
voluntary control of spincterss 18-24 mo, bowell before bladder
ready to toilet train around __________ 22-30 mo, girls usually ready 2-2.5 mo before boys
by what age is intervention needed for nighttime wetness age 6
head circumference at age 2 19.5-20 inches, chest exceeds head
when can child kick ball without falling 2 years
when can child say first-last name 2.5 years (also name one color)
when do timeouts work well for temper tantrums 18 mo
what should you do when your child shows regression ignore them
calories and proein needed for 12-18 mo proetein =1.2g/kg and 102kcal/kg, need for vitamins-minerals increase slightly
when is physiologic anorexia common 18 mo
best way to communicate to a preschooler through play
between ages 6-12 children will grow an average of ______ and gain _______ in heaight 2 inches/year and gain 1-2 ft in height
play for school age team play
play for preschoolers associative play, imaginary playmates, dramatic
how many doses of HBV 3 doses, vaccines should be completed by age 13, and started at birth
managment for turner syndrome in girls estrogen therapy
what is the first change of puberty in boys? testicular enlargement (tanner 2)
at age 6 knows________ left right hands, count 13 pennies, morning/afternoon, first grade, can take bath w/out supervision
cognitive development of school age share more, rough play, likes to compete, loves friends, steals money etc,
when is rotravirus vaccine important? after 6 weeks, before 15 weeks
normal bladder capacity is childs age plus 2(oz)
most common cause of encopresis? constipation
leading cause of death in adolescence is ____________ preventable injuries
what therapy is used for klinefelter syndrome? enchancing masculine characteristics is important, testosterone therapy
diagnosis of ADHD symptoms present before age 7 and at least 2 settings, clear eveidence of impairment in social/academic areas, inattention and hyperactivity for at least 6 months
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