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When a chisel head has this shape is is to be replace or repaired Mushroom
A folding ruler is better than a cloth or steel tape for measuring? Vertical
What should you do to transfer a chalk line in your material? pull it tight and snap it
What is a round-bladed shovel used for ? digging holes and removing large amounts of soil
What is the name of pliers with serrated teeth that grip flat,square,round, or hexagonal objects? Tongue and Groove pliers
Before you use a pick always check the head for this ? make sure the head is fixed firmly to the handle
What metal tool has a sharpened,beveled edge,and is used to cut and shape wood, stone, or metal ? chisel
What does a socket grip onto ? a nut or bolt
Why do you place a piece of scrap under the object you are cutting wit ha utility knife ? to protect the surface underneath
What is a heavy-duty tool used to drive posts or other large stakes? sledge hammer
What would you use to brush the fillings from the teeth of a file ? File card
Where should your hand be placed while using a torque wrench to tighten a bolt? place one hand on the head of the torque wrench
When should you brace yourself while using a hand saw,during the first stroke or last stroke ? last stroke
Should the material holding a nail be loose or braced securely before pulling a nail ? braced
When should a clamp be discarded ? If the frame is bent
Balanced footing should be used while especially using what kind of tool ? plying tool
What should you never work around while using a screwdriver ? live wires
What is the safest kind of utility knife ? one with a retractable blade
Always check a chain fall or come-along to make sure there is no lubricant on this part of the tool ? The clutches
Which hand saw would you use to cut a curve quickly in wood, plywood or wallboard ? Compass saw
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