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Scheduling appoitments & maintaining the physicians schedule

Advance Scheduling Booking an appointment several weeks or even months in advance
Agenda The list of topics discussed or presented at a meeting in order of presentation
Cluster scheduling The scheduling of similar appoitments together at a certain time of the day or week
Double-Booking system a system of scheduling in which 2 or more patients are booked for the same appointment slot with the assumption that both will be seen by the doctor
Itinerary A detailed travel plan listing dates and time for specific transportation arrangements and events
Locum tenens A substitute physician hired to see patients while the regular physician is away from the office
Matrix Basic format
Minutes a report of what happened and what was discussed and decided at a meetng
modified-wave scheduling a scheduling system similar to the wave system with patients arriving at planned intervals during the hour allowing time to catch up before next hr begins
No-Show a patient who does not call to cancel an does not come to an appt
open-hr scheduling A system of scheduling in which patients arrive at the doctors office at their convenience and are seen on a first come first serve basis
Overbooking scheduling appointments for more paients than can reasonably be seen in the time allowwed
Time-specified scheduling A system of scheduling where patients arrive at regular specified intervals assuring the practice a steady stream of patients throughout the day
Underbooking Leaving large unused gaps in the doctors schedule
Walk-in a patient who arrives without an appointment
Wave scheduling a system of scheduling in which it works best in larger offices that have enough personnel
Open-hours scheduling A type of scheduling in which patients arrive at their own convenience first come first serve basis
Wave scheduling a type of scheduling that works best in large offices
Modified-wave scheduling a scheduling system in which several patients are given the same appointment time but are taken as they rrive so that the office schedule remains on track each hour even in patients are late
Advanced scheduling a type of scheduling in which the patient is booked months in advance
Combination scheduling Using double booking scheduling and clustering scheduling at the same time
referral a term to describe a patient who has been to another physician for a second opinion
Time specified scheduling another name for stream scheduling
reminder notice or call` contacting a patient to confirm an appointment
tax schedule and payments An item that should be discussed with the physician during regularly scheduled meetings
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