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Cardiovascular disor

What is patho of ischemic heart disease? 1)fatty deposits in intima of coronary artery,inflamiation process,plaques,further obstruction to blood flow=chest pain
Risk factor for MI,angina? 1)age .family history,gender,race 2)HTn,diabetes, abnormal lipid profile 3)obesty ,smoking, sedentry life 4)⬆️cholestro,ldl,c creative protein
Sign and symptome of angina? 1)chest pain radit into neck ,lower jaw,left arm 2)dyspnea whithe exertion relived by res and nitroglycerin
Treatment of angina? 1)nitroglycerin,beta blocker,calcium channel blockers,antiplatlet,anticoagulants,anti lipdemia
Treatment of MI? 1)oxgen,morophine to decrease pain, 3)angiotension converting enzyme to decreas cardic workload 3)iv thrombolytic
Role of nurse to ischemic heart diseas patient? 1)monitor sighn and symptome 2)elevate head of bed 3)give medication 4) maintain iv access (avoid fluid overload)
What is aortic aneurysm? Weakness in vessel,protrusion and possible rupture
Type of aortic aneurysm? 1)abdominal aortic aneurysm 3)thoracic aortic aneurysm
Nursing role to patient with aortic aneurysm? Monitor BP.assess for sudden pain ,avoid activity that increase intra abdominal pressure
Created by: Sofyy