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Bio Test 9/23

Levels of Life Organism, Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biome, Biosphere
Hydrothermal Vents Release energy and hydrogen sulfide. Animals eat bacteria
Biosphere Sum of all the planet's ecosystems
Habitat Where an organism lives (Biotic and Abiotic)
Silent Spring Warned people about how dangerous pesticides are
Pros of Pesticides Gets rid of pests (good for crops)
Cons of Pesticides Can contaminate the plants and the food we eat
Sunlight in Forests Trees form a canopy that blocks sunlight
Why can bacteria live in hot springs? They have enzymes that work best in hot temperatures
What causes rain in the tropics? Warm equatorial air rises, cools and releases water content
What causes Trade Winds? Dry air absorbs moisture, gets spread back towards equator creating trade winds
Solar Radiation Input of radiant energy from the sun to earth
Where might there be little solar radiation? Deep in the ocean or the poles
Where might there be a lot of solar radiation? The equator
Where does air move in the desert? To the poles
Rainshadow On the western side of the Sierra, there is precipitation blown over from the water, and on the east side of the Sierra, it is the desert and there is no precipitation. (east side doesn’t get the rain)
Created by: SamNovotny