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clothes, occupation

colors and clothes

黄色 yellow
蓝色 blue
绿色 green
紫色 purple
白色 white
黑色 black
红色 red
灰色 gray
棕色 brown
银色 silver
橙色 orange
粉色 pink
颜色 colors
一共 all together
still; in addition
house; room
文房四宝 the four treasure of the study
ink; inkstick
ink stone
treasure; precious
它们 they; them
毛笔字 calligraphy
中国画 Chinese painting
穿 wear
校服 school uniform
格子 check; grided
短袖衬衫 short-sleeved shirt
衬衫 shirt
长袖衬衫 long-sleeved shirt
裙子 skirt
短裙 short skirt
皮鞋 leather shoes
袜子 socks
裤子 trousers; pants
长裤 pants; trousers
短裤 shorts
毛衣 sweater
连衣裙 dress
外套 outer garment; coat;
呢子 woolen cloth
一双袜子 a pair of socks
一双鞋 a pair of shoes
一条裤子 a pants
一件外套 a coat
一条裙子 a dress
一件毛衣 a sweater
一件衬衫 a shirt
上学 go to school
放学 leave school; after school
中国菜 Chinese cusine
上班 go to work
下班 get off work
主要 main
must; want; will;
thing; matter
人物 figure
动物 animal
人物画 figure painting
山水画 landscape painting
放学后我要做作业。 I must do my homework after school
西装 suit
套装 woman's suit
领带 tie
bring; take; belt
小姐 Miss
太太 Mrs
先生 sir; gentalman
女士 lady
周末 weekend
ox; bull; cow
牛仔裤 jeans
运动 sport
运动鞋 sports shoes
大衣 overcoat
帽子 hat
围巾 scarf
手套 gloves
汗衫 T-shirt
出汗 sweating
应该 should
衣服 clothes
制服 uniform
雨衣 rain coat
运动服 sport clothes
T恤衫 T-shirt
皮带 belt
我五点要回家。 I must go home at 5 o'clock.
她明天要去美国。 She is going to America tomorrow
我今天没有带书包。 I didn't bring my backpack to school today.
工人 worker
厨师 cook; chef
律师 lawyer
老师 teacher
画家 painter
记者 journalist; reporter
经理 manager
医生/大夫 doctor
护士 nurse
司机 driver
秘书 secretary
家庭主妇 house wife
工程师 engineer
商人 business man
职业 occupation
演员 actor; actress
作家 writer
会计 accountant
自由职业 self-employed
自由 freedom
工作 job
Created by: linderzhou
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