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Final Exam Test 10

Test 10 Chapters 1-11 Study

Fruits are formed from this part of the flower. Ovary
Animals that eat meat are called? Carnivores
Define kinetic. The energy possessed by a moving object.
What part of the body breaks food down for absorbtion? Digestive system
Which part of the body controls other body systems? The nervous system.
Name the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart. Veins
Stable atoms have equal numbers of what? Electrons & neutrons
Define pediologist. A person that studies the soil.
Define zoologist. A person that studies animals.
What is the largest class of animals? Insects
How long do biennials live for? Two seasons.
Which region has permafrost? The tundra.
Name the funnel shaped clouds that have winds over 300 mph. Toronadoes
Which layer of the atmosphere is closest to the earth's surface? The troposphere.
Which group of protozoa do the euglenas belong? The flagellates.
What are male bees called? Drones
Spiders belong to which group? The arachnids.
T/F Modern science began as a result of The Middle Ages? False, it began because of Protestant Reformation.
Name the sensory hairs on an insect. Sencilla
What is the baromoter used for? To measure the pressure in the atmosphere.
What is the hygrometer used for? To measure humidity.
What is an anemometer used for? To measure wind speed.
Who discovered the circulation of the blood? Harvey
Who is known as the Father of Microbiology? Leeuwenhoek
Which insect order are called true bugs? Hemiptera
Which order are social insects? Hymenoptera
Define humus. Rich organic matter in the soil.
What are flowering plants called? Angiosperms
When a pollen grain & ovule are united it is called? Fertilization
Define photosynthesis. Plants use sunlight, water, & carbon dioxide to produce glucose & oxygen.
How would you determine density? By dividing mass by the volume.
Charles & Boyle's law explain what behavior? The law of gases.
What is the cardiovasculars job? To transport nutrients & other materials.
Which part of our body removes liquid waste? Urinary system.
Which part of the body covers & protects the body? Integumentary system.
Name the chemical substance that controls our growth & digestion. Hormones
What are the male reproductive cells called? Sperm
What is the job of our organs? They work together as unit to perform a definite job for our body.
What does an anatomist study? Body structure.
What is the term for plants that lack wood? Herbaceous
What determines the weather? Conditions of the atmosphere at a certain time & place.
Name the 3 things needed for a scientific method. Observe experiment hypothesize
Define cold-blooded When an animals body temp varies according to the temp of its surroundings.
What does an insect use its mandibles for? To eat.
What does the first law of thermodynamics state? That matter & energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
Give the order ofthe stages of incomplete metamorphosis. Egg nymph adult
Who introduced the scientific method? Wilbur, really its Bacon!
What did Newton discover? The universal law of gravitation.
Which insect order spread disease? Diptera
Which order has wings that form a tent when resting? Homoptera
Define weathering. The process where rocks are broken down into the soil.
Define agent dispersal. Scattering of seeds by animals, wind, or water.
If a plant has disc flowers & ray flowers it belongs to what family? Composite family.
What state of matter has no definite shape or volume? Gas
What is the distance from crest of one wave to the crest of the next? Wavelength
What is the job of the respiratory system? To provide oxygen & remove carbon dioxide.
Which system provides for movement of our body parts? The muscular system.
What is humidity? The measure of the amount of water vapor in the air.
Define monocots. Plants with long narrow leaves & seeds with one cotyledon.
Name the 3 main processes involved in the water cycle. Evaporation condensation precipitation
Plants that have no vascular tissue are called? Thallophytes
What are cirrus clouds? High altitude clouds composed of ice crystals.
What is the longest day of the year called? Summer solstice.
Define carapace. A hard shell that covers a crustacean.
How does the ameoba move? By means of pseudopods.
Define rain gauge. It is the device used to measure precipitation.
Who disproved the idea of spontaneous generation? Pasteur
Who is known as the Father of Taxonomy? Linnaeus
Which insect order does the elytra form a straight line down its back? Coleoptera
Who wrote Origin of Species? Darwin
Define xylem. Vascular tissue in plants that carry water & nutrients upward.
T/F These are examples of electromagnetic waves: Ultraviolet light infrared light visible light True
Which body system supports the weight of our body? Skeletal system
What does the endocrine system do? It assists the nervous system through hormones.
What does an entomologist study? Insects
What does a mycologist study? Fungi
Name the largest organ in our body. The liver
Define tissue. Group of cells that are alike in structure & function.
Name the 3 primary plant foods. Nitrogen phosphorus potassium
How is weight defined? By the measure of the force of gravity on an object.
What are the doldrums? The region near the equator that has almost no wind.
Which front is most likely to produce violent weather? Cold front.
Which are the smallest chlorophyll containing plants? Algae
What does a botanist study? Plants
Created by: mrscrivener