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Week V Vocabulary

civitas civitatis F. state, citizenship
corpus corporis N. body
homo hominis M. man, human being
labor laboris M. labor, work, toil, a work, production
littera litterae F. letter (of the alphabet), letter/epistle
mos moris M. habit, custom, manner, morals, character
nomen nominis N. name
pax pacis F. peace
regina reginae F. queen
novus, -a, -um adjective new, strange
alius, -a, -um special -ius adjective other, another
alter, -a, -um special -ius adjective the other (of two), another
neuter, neutra, neutrum special -ius adjective neither, not either
nullus, a, um special -ius adjective not any, no, none
solus, a, um special -ius adjective alone, only
ullus, a, um special -ius adjective any
unus, a, um special -ius adjective one, single, alone
uter, utra, utrum special -ius adjective either, which (of two)
beatus, a, um adjective happy, fortunate, blessed
amicus, a, um adjective friendly
carus, a, um adjective dear
audeo audere ausus sum to dare
neco necare necavi, necatum to kill
ago agere egi, actum to drive, lead, do, act, pass, spend
demonstro demonstrare demonstravi, demonstratum to demonstrate, point out, show
disco discere didici, xxx to learn
doceo docere docui, doctum to teach
amor amoris M. love
carmen carminis N. song, poem
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