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lessons 5&6


jaded worn out, dulled, as from overindulgence
gist the main point
advocate to recommend; to speak in favor of
efface to obliterate; to wipe out
charisma personal appeal or attraction; magnetism
ogre a brute; a large monster; a frightful giant
mesmerize to hypnotize
entity anything having existence, either physical or mystical
bandy to exchange words; to discuss casually
dastardly cowardly and treacherous
nepotism favoritism shown to family or friends by those in power, especially in business or hiring practices.
begrudge to resent another's success; to envy
mandarin an influential person; a member of an elite group
glutinous gluey; sticky
enmity deep-seated hostility, often mutual
declaim to speak in a dramatic, impassioned, or blustering manner
imbue to inspire or influence; to saturate
gaff a pole with a large hook on one end
quaff to drink in large quantities; to gulp
bibliophile a lover of books
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