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Test 9 Study

Chapters 10 & 11

Which order of insects have wings that form an x or v on theri back? Hemiptera
Name the largest order of insects. Coleoptera
What is the purpose of the eyespots on a luna moth's wings? To protect
What is the exoskelton? The outside skeleton of the arthropod.
What do Pantheists worship? Nature
What do entomologists study? They are zoolologists that study insects.
Which man used broth & flasks to disprove spontaneous generation? Pasteur
Who is called the "Pathfinder of the Sea"? Maury
Define scavengers. Insects that feed on decaying matter.
T/F Several queens can be found in an ant colony? True
Define nocturnal. Insects that are active at night.
Define herbivor. Insects which eat only plants.
Dragonflies & dameselflies belong to which order. Odonata
Spiders & scorpions belong to which order? Arachnida
What is the foundation of modern science? The Bible.
Social insects belong to what order? Hymenoptera
Why aren't mutations able to cause things to evolve? Because mutations are usually harmful.
What is the purpose of a cricket's organ of stridulation? To help it find a mate.
Define uniformitarianism. Materialistic idea saying the present is the key to the past.
Who discovered blood circulation in the body? Harvey
Name the man that wrote Origin of Species. Darwin
Name 3 methods of pest control. Pesticides, crop rotation, & natural enemies
Flies & mosquitoes are from what order? Diptera
Bees & ants are from what order? Hymenoptera
What is technology? When science is put to practical use.
Which body part is the labrum? The upper lip.
What are the spiracles? Air openings in the abdomen.
How do moths spend their pupal stage? In a cocoon.
What does the moth use its proboscis for? To drink nectar.
What are the male bees called? Drones
Define molting. When an insect sheds its exoskeleton.
Define paleontology. The study of fossils.
Which order do true bugs belong? Hemiptera
What is an ovipositor? An egg-laying structure.
What is the trachaea? The breathing tubes.
Who introduced the use of antiseptics? Lister
What was Copernicus' discovery? That the earth & planets revolve around the sun.
What are the sensilla? Sensory hairs.
What is circular reasoning? When evolutionists use fossils to date the rock layers & the rock layers to date fossils.
What is bioluminescence? The process by which fireflies produce light.
Define ocelli. Simlpe eyes.
Define mandibles. Side-to-side jaws.
Cicadas & leaf hoppers belong to which order? Homoptera
Crickets & grasshoppers belong to which order? Orthoptera
Beetles belong to which order? Coleoptera
Be able to name the two types of insect metamorphosos & be able to describe the states of each. Complete metamorphosis- egg larva pupa adultIncomplete metamorphosis- egg nymph adult
Be able to explain spontaneous generation & how it was disproved by two men's experiments. State the scientific law that was established as a result. The belief that living things can arise from nonliving things. Redi & Pasteur conducted experiments to disprove this theory. The law of biogenesis was established as a result of their experiments.
Butterflies & moths are from which order? Lepidoptera
Lacewings & antlions are from which order? Neuroptera
Who was the man that became known as the world's greatest entomologist? Fabre
What is the easiest way to distinguish between the thorax & the abdomen? By looking at the attachment of the legs.
How does a dragonfly spend most of its life? In the water.
Created by: mrscrivener