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Anatomy test

Adipose fat Brown and white
Connective tissue Supports, connect, transport, energy storage, defense, protect
Epithelial Covers exterior surface of the body, lines internal cavities and passageway and forms contain gland
Apical Surface of the cell
Basal Bottom of the cell
Basal lamina Provides an attachment site for the epithelium separating it from the underlying connective tissue
Epithelial tissue classification Shape of their cell and number of layers
Matrix Crisscrossed by protein fibers
Ground substance It is fluid, but could also be mineralized and solid(bone)
3examples of fixed cell Fibroblasts-produce the fibers tissue, adipocytes-store liquid , and mesenchymal adult stem cell
Apocrine glands Sweat
Sudoriferous gland Sweat
Sebaceous gland Oil
Exocrine gland Through ducks that lead to the epithelial surface
Endocrine gland Secrets hormones, that are ductless so to release secretion directly into the surrounding tissue
Cilia Projection of the apical cell membrane that help move fluid -help circulate cerebrospinal -in air ways they help get rid of dust
Highly cellular mean It has a little or no extra cellular material present between lots of cell
3germ layers Ectoderm - becomes the epidermis, gland on the skin Mesoderm- becomes the connective tissue Endoderm - becomes lining of the air ways and digestive system except mouth
Stem cells Unspecialized cell that can give rise to one or more cells different type like nervous or blood cell
Created by: Sabela16