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Latin 3rd Dec. Nouns

A stack containing 3rd declension nouns. The 'worst' declension!

mors, mortis death F
centurio, centurionis centurion M
caedes, caedis slaughter F
dux, ducis leader M
nomen, nominis name N
urbs, urbis city F
legio, legionis legion F
clamor, clamoris shouting, shout M
mons, montis mountain M
iter, itineris journey, march, route N
vulnus, vulneris wound N
pater, patris father M
mater, matris mother F
frater, fratris brother M
gens, gentis tribe, F
hostis, hostis enemy (in war) M
princeps, principis leading man, chief M
corpus, coporis body N
collis, collis hill M
pars, partis part F
miles, militis soldier M
pax, pacis peace F
rex, regis king M
veritas, veritatis truth F
lex, legis law F
imperator, imperatoris general M
lux, lucis light F
homo, hominis man M
virtus, virtutis virtue, courage F
Caesar, Caesaris Caesar In Henle Latin, this generally refers to Julius Caesar. M
vox, vocis voice F
flumen, fluminis river N
salus, salutis safety, welfare, salvation F
eques, equitis horseman, cavalry (pl.) M
agmen, agminis column (of soldiers) army (on the march) N
pons, pontis bridge M
fines, finium territory M
oratio, orationis speech, prayer F



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