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9thGeo-Unit 1

9th Grade World Geography - Unit 1 Test Review

Location the exact point at which a place is.
Absolute location describes the place's exact position on the earth
Relative location explains where a place is describing other places
Place Geographers study of physical and human features of a location (example: climate is hot or cold) (example: Panama Canal)
HEI (human environment interaction) how people affect the earth (example: people cutting down trees / deforestation) (example: factories polluting the earth)
Movement help explains how people, goods, and ideas get from one place to another (example: technology - Japan to U.S.) (example: Fashion - France to U.S.)
Region Geographers compare the climate, land, population, and history from one place to another (example: U.S. - region of the world) (example: Allen - region of Texas)
Formal designated areas that have official boundaries such as counties, cities, states and countries (example: Texas) (example: Collin County)
Functional different places that are linked together and function as a unit (example: DFW Airport) (example: Lake Lavon - where we get our water)
Perceptual / vernacular places that reflect human feelings or attitudes (example: The South) (example: China town - happy feelings)
Human Systems the human interactions that impact the cultural and physical environments on the earth (Example sentence: Landscapers use human systems to manage the look of the environment.)
Newly Industralizing a level of economic development ranked somewhere between developed and first world classifications (example sentence: Newly industrialized economies create sustainable environments for workers.)
Physical systems the natural environment features that impact the earth and how they impact humans. (Example sentence: Rivers are physical features that carve out the earth.)
Latitude lines drawn around the world in a east-west direction. (Example sentence: Longitude and latitude are lines on a map that help you find locations.)
Development steady improvements in a country's economy and in people's quality of life (example sentence: The development of the hurricane rapidly changed with intensity.)
Spatial distribution the spread of elements, people or characteristics. (Example sentence: the points on the map are used to indicate the special distribution of each bus stop.)
Longitude lines drawn around the world in a north-south direction (Example sentence: Longitude and latitude are lines on a map that help you find locations.)
Economic the way society acquires, process, and distributes resources (Example sentence: The increased economic viability of smaller countries has strengthened.)
Less Developed countries that are less productive economically and have lower standards of living
More Developed a wealthy country with advanced economy; many industries and a comfortable way of life of most of their people
Cultural the common behaviors, possessions, and beliefs of a people (Example sentence: These activities were part of the culture of everyday life.)
Political the government system - the act of governing the people (Example sentence: There was no room for a freak in the political dynasty.)
Demographic the study of population statistics
Climate weather conditions in a region over a long time (Example sentence: The climate is in general cold and humid, especially in the northeast.)
Equator the line of latitude that is at 0 degrees. From this point, we measure the distance north and south. (Example sentence: The equator is the middle line of latitude and has warmer temperatures around it.)
Prime Meridian The line of longitude that is 0 degrees. From this point, we measure the distance east and west.
Map projections Presenting the round earth on a flat surface.
Distortion the misrepresentation of the size or shape of the structures being examined
Cartogram shows size using data on another area. (Example sentence: I used a cartogram to rescale the U.S. according to its population.)
Great Circle Route line created when the globe is cut in half by the connection of two points.
Ways a country can be grouped into one or more regions? Physical characteristics (physical geography), human impact characteristics (human geography), and interaction of humanity and the environment (environmental geography)
Major religions of the world Christianity (N. America, S. America, Europe, N. Asia, Oceania), Muslims (N. Africa, S. Asia), Unaffiliated (China, Japan - East Asia), Hindus (India), Buddhists (part of E. Asia), Other
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) computer programs that process and organize details about places on Earth and integrate those details with satellite images and other pieces of information. It's used to examine causes of destruction and to create plans for help and development.
GPS (Global Positioning System) a navigational system that can determine absolute location by using satellites and receivers on Earth. Scientists use GPS to determine size of an earthquake.
How one can use GPS to find absolute location? Satellites send out radio signals. GPS receivers on Earth pick up signals & measure time it takes for signals from 4+ satellites to reach receiver. The receiver multiplies that time by speed of a radio wave to figure out distance of receiver & satellite
How can a company use GIS to better its business in the future? Environment and urban planners, marketing researchers, retail developers, and environmentalists use GIS to make better projections and decisions.
Why would someone use a map with a Mercator map projection? For navigation charts, because any straight line on a Mercator projection map is a line of constant true bearing that enables a navigator to plot a straight line course.
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