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Immuno and Infection


Transduction Transfer of bacterial genetic info using bacteriophage. Generalized and specialized
Transposition insertion of genetic information into genome may carry additional info disrupt normal gene or insert new info
Intracellular bacterial infection Th1 mediated DTH, CTLs and ADCC
Extracellular bacterial infection Th2 ab mediated response; opsonization, C', ADCC
Innate response to Bacteria Inflamation - phagocytic cells, C' Mac lysis if unencapsulated Gram -/ cell wall-less
Id Ag specific T cells MHC class I tetramers; bound to biotinylated avidin
Cytotoxicity Assay 51Cr release assay; 51Cr added to infected target cell lysed? by CD8; measure release --> effective killing?
Microtoxicity assay Trypan blue test; Anti-HLA for MHCI;
TGF-beta secreted by platelets, macrophages, lymphocytes and mast cells. Fxn: stimulate epithelial and mesenchymal growth. Downregulates proinflamatory activities. Induces IgA class switching
IL-1 •Secreted by mono, macro, dendritic, endothelial, B and other •major role in the development of innate response
IL-2 •Secreted by activated T cells
IL-3 •Secreted by T cells, NK cells, eosinophils and mast cells
IL-4 •Secreted by T cells, NK cells and mast cells– Regulates some stages of hematopoiesis
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