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Latin Prep 1 Ch 8


I take or capture (principal parts) capio, capire, cepi, captum
I take capio
you take capis
he, she, it takes capit
we take capimus
you(p) take capitis
they take capiunt
I was taking capiebam
you(s) were taking capiebas
he, she, it was taking capiebat
we were taking capiebamus
you(p) were taking capiebatis
they were taking capiebant
I have taken cepi
you (s) have taken cepisti
he, she, it has taken cepit
we have taken cepimus
you (p) have taken cepistis
they have taken ceperunt
"I do" or "I make" facio
"I throw" icaio
love! (s) ama (s)
warn, advise!(s) mone (s)
rule! (s) rege (s)
hear! (s) audi (s)
take (s) cape (s)
love! (pl) amate (pl)
warn! (pl) monete (pl)
rule! (pl) regite (pl)
hear! (pl) audite (pl)
take! (pl) capite (pl)
speak! (s) dic (s)
lead (s) duc (s)
do or make! (s) fac (s)
to be (present infinitive) esse
(s)imperative este (pl) imperative
gemellus, i, m. twin
condo, -ere I found
transilio, -ire, -ui I jump over
from or by a or ab + Abl
into or onto in + Acc
in or on in + Abl
with cum + abl
near prope + Acc
against contra + Acc
to a, ad + Acc
out of ex
across trans
through per
I am absent (principal parts) absum, abesse, afui
I am absent absum
you are absent abes
he,she,it is absent abest
we are absent absumus
you(p)are absent abestis
they are absent absunt
I was absent aberam
you were absent aberas
He, she, it were absent aberat
we were absent aberamus
you (p) were absent aberatis
they were absent aberant
I have been absent afui
you have been absent afuis
he, she, it has been absent afuit
we have been absent afuimus
you (p) have been absent afuistis
they have been absent afuerunt
I am present adsum
you(s)are present ades
he, she, it is present adest
we are present adsumus
you (pl.) are present adestis
they are present adsunt
I was present aderam
you (s) were present aderas
he, she, it was present aderat
we were present aderamus
you (pl.) were present aderatis
they were present aderant
I have been present adfui
you (s.) have been present adfuisti
he, she, it have been present adfuit
we have been present adfuimus
you (pl.)have been present adfuistis
they have been present adfuerunt
I seek peto, petere
I find invenio, invenire
I take, convey veho, vehere, vexi, vectum
I contain contineo, continere
gold aurum, auri, n.
sky caelum, caeli, n.
famous, clear, bright clarus, clara, clarum
sword gladius, gladii, m.
I order (principal parts) iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum
well-known notus, nota, notum
new novus, nova, novum
messenger, message nuntius, nuntii, m.
terrified perterritus, perterrita, perterritum
battle proelium, proelii, n.
often saepe
savage saevus, saeva, saevum
shield scutum, scuti, n.
always semper
ally socius, socii, m.
immediately statim
safe tutus, tuta, tutum
strong validus, valida, validum
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