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Med Sci Drug Match

Baclofen Treats Spasticitiy
Zanaflex Treats Spasticitiy
Dantrium Muscle relaxant (sometimes spasticity)
Flexeril Muscle relaxant
Robaxin Muscle relaxant
Valium (diazepam) Muscle relaxant (sometimes spasticity
SOMA muscle relaxant
Norflex Muscle relaxant
Thorazine Muscle relaxant
Skelaxin Muscle relaxant
Amitriptyline Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Imipranmine Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Prozac (serotonin Replacements) Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Zoloft Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Paxil Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Celexa Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Effexor Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Wellbutrin Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Zyban Antidepressants (induces dizziness)
Morphine Pain Management
Darvocet, Darvon Pain Management
Dialudid Pain Management
Percocet, Oxycontin Pain Management
Lortab Pain Management
Narcan Pain Management
Codiene Pain Management
Talwin Pain Management
Nubain Pain Management
Acetaminophen Pain Management
Dolophine Pain Management
Neurontin Neurological (spinal cord) pain
Carbamazepine Anticonvulsants
Phenobarbital Anticonvulsants
Phenytoin Anticonvulsants
Gabapentin Anticonvulsants
Depakote Anticonvulsants
Keppra Anticonvulsants
Ativan Benzodiazerpines
Klonopine Benzodiazerpines
Valium Benzodiazerpines
Xanax Benzodiazerpines
Librium Benzodiazerpines
Risperdal Anti-psychotics (requires dialogue with Med team)
Haldol Anti-psychotics (requires dialogue with Med team)
Thorazine Anti-psychotics (requires dialogue with Med team)
Mellaril Anti-psychotics (requires dialogue with Med team)
Clozaril Anti-psychotics (requires dialogue with Med team)
Asprin Anti-platelet
Plavix Anti-platelet
Aggrenox Anti-platelet
Ticlid Anti-platelet
Heparin Anti-coagulant, DVT risk
Low weight Heparin, Lovenox Anti-coagulant, risk of DVT
Coumadin Anti-coagulant, risk of DVT
Streptokinase Clot busting drug, When clot occurs, cardiac
Tissue Plasinogine Activator, TPA Clot busting drug, increases window of clot busting time
Avonex MS frontliners
Copaxone MS Front liners
methlprenisolone MS or Guillian Barre
Betaseron MS frontliners
Rebif MS frontliners
Cytoxin Immune modulating Med
Methotrexate Immune modulating Med
Novantrone Immune modulating Med
Tysabri Immune modulating Med
Amantydine anti- fatigue and
Provigil anti-fatigue
Levadopa Parkinson's
Carbidopa Parkinson's
sinemet Parkinson's
Bromocriptine Parkinson's
Mirapax Parkinson's
Selegiline MAO inhibitor
Pyridostigmine Myasthenia Gravis
Neostigmine Myasthenia Gravis
Aricept Alzheimer's
Cognex Alzheimer's
Reminyl Alzheimer's
Nemenda Alzheimer's
Plasmapheresis Guillian Barre
Phenol Block Decrease spasticity
Procaine Block Muscle tone/ spasticity
Peripheral nerve block phenol given into the nerve instead of motor point
Botox injection Decrease excessive Muscle Tone
Intrathecal Injections Reduce spasticity
Created by: juanbond715