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OBI Drugs Exam 1

pilocarpine direct acting cholinomimetic; treats glaucoma and xerostomia
cevimeline specific M1 & M3 receptor agonist; treats xerostomia
physostigmine AChE inhibitor; treats glaucoma and induces bladder tone
neostigmine AChE inhibitor; treats myasthenia gravis
organophosphates nerve gas irreversible AChE inhibitor; causes sweating, wheezing, blurred vision -opposed by atropine and scopolamine
ecothiophate irreversible AChE inhibitor; treats glaucoma and causes miosis
atropine competitive antagonist of M receptors; treats mushroom/gas poisoning, increases SNS effects
scopolamine M receptor antagonist; sedative, motion sickness and antisialogogue
glycopyrrolate M receptor antagonist; antisialogogue
nicotine blocks nicotinic receptors; causes arousal and attention
succinylcholine depolarizing agonist at NMJ; adjuvant to anesthesia, improves recovery time with twitches
pancuronium non-depolarizing antagonist at NMJ; blocks Ach to relax muscles -opposed by neostigmine
Botox cleaves SNARE proteins to block ACh release; muscle paralysis
dantrolene ryanodine receptor antagonist, blocks Ca; decreases contractility with muscle relaxants
cyclobenzaprine and methocarbamol central-acting muscle relaxant, increases GABA; increases inhibitory tone in reflex arc, decreasing pain
tizanidine alpha 2 agonist; decreases release of excitatory neurotransmitter
diphenhydramine, promethazine, hydroxyzine H1 antagonist, cross BBB; allergy symptoms -causes dry mouth
loratidine H1 antagonist, no CNS effects; antiallergic
omeprazole prodrug, irreversible inhibitor of H/K pump; treats PUD and gastritis
cimetidine reversible H2 antagonist; inhibits gastric acid production -CYP450 inhibitor
ranitidine reversible H2 antagonist; inhibits gastric acid with fewer side effects
5-aminosalicylic acid (sulfasalazine) prodrug; inhibits inflammatory mediators; treats UC and Crohn's
epinephrine complete agonist of adrenergic receptors; vasoconstriction in LA and treat anaphylaxis
albuterol beta 2 agonist, direct acting; causes bronchodilation in asthmatics and COPD -xerostomia
pseudoephedrine alpha 1 agonist, direct acting; for nasal congestion (caution with epic)
cocaine indirect alpha 1 agonist: blocks NET, DAT and SERT at adrenergic synapse; causes euphoria, vasoconstriction and local anesthesia
Adderall, methylphenidate, methamphetamine indirect alpha 1 agonists: blocks NET and its storage, DAT and SERT; for narcolepsy, ADHD
propranolol non-selective competitive beta 1 and 2 antagonist; for hypertension, IHD and MI
metoprolol selective beta 1 antagonist; for hypertension and heart failure
carvedilol selective beta and alpha antagonist; hypertension and heart failure
terazosin selective alpha 1 antagonist; treats hypertension and BPH (caution: orthostatic hypotension)
tamsulosin selective alpha 1 antagonist; treats BPH
phentolamine nonselective alpha 1 antagonist; reversal of anesthetic
clonidine alpha 2 receptor agonist; decrease sympathetic response to manage chronic pain, hypertension and ADHD
Created by: aharnold