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the ability to do work or cause change energy
work is the transfer of_______ energy
energy is measured in _________ joules
2 general kinds of energy potential kinetic
transfer of energy - the energy of motion/kinetos kinetic energy
wheather the energy is kinetic or potential deponds on tis _________ and ________ mass velocity
kinetic energy __________ as mass__________ increases
has the potential 2 do work potential energy
2 types of potential energy elastic potential energy gravitational potential energy
potential energy associated withobjects that can be stretched or compressed elastic potential energy
potential energy in objects that must be lifted rolled pushed etc.objects that can fall also have this gravitational potential energy
some major forms off energy are:(6) mechanical thermal, chemical, electrical, electromagnetic, nucleor
all atoms and molecules have this- when particles move they produce heat- the faster the particles the more heat they produce thermal energy
energy in chemical bonds (atoms that are chemically connected such as H2O foods have this -you burn caleries, you produce this - when you burn anything youre breaking down chemical bonds chemical energy
produced by moving changes of electricity electrical energy
2 kinds of electrical energy static electricity
where is electrical energy found in batteries or power lines
energy that travels in waves - found in microwaves , radiation (uv,ir,etc.) electromagnetic energy
potentiaal energy stored n the nucleous of an atom nucleous energy
type of nuclear energy released whenatoms are split fission
type of nuclear energy released when atoms are joined together fussion
change convert
change or transform conversion
any formof energy can B converted nany other form energy conversion
________________ is thermal energy body temp.
chemical energy is converted into _____________ your brain uses to thnk electrical energy
Created by: KatieWeathersbee