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Crime scene investigation is always based on? Locard's Exchange principle
The location where the crime took place is referred to as? primary crime scene
It is important to have _______ and ________ shots. close up and far away
Name the two types of sketches. rough and final`
All sketches must have a _____ in order to show where items are located at the crime scene. legend
Why must searches for evidence be systematic and thorough? To make sure not to overlook any pertinent evidence.
Why are fingernail scrapings taken from a victim? Can be used to identify an individual.
Why must evidence be placed in separate containers? prevents cross contamination
After evidence is collected and packaged, it must be _______ and ________. Marked, sealed
This type of documentation is taken throughout processing the crime? notes
A list of all persons who come in possession of an item of evidence is? chain of custody
what is evidence whose origin is known that can be compared to other evidence? Standard/Reference point
Any and all evidence found at the scene is? physical evidence
Type of evidence made under oath? Testimonial evidence
who is a person who directly saw the crime occur? eyewitness
what indirect evidence that can be used to imply a fact but does not directly prove it Circumstantial evidence
What happens if evidence is tampered with? they will not be admissible in court
A ______ must be taken with each piece of evidence to prove the size of the evidence? ruler
what type of evidence is a footprint physical
what type of evidence is gunpowder chemical
what type of evidence is a polygraph miscellaneous
what type of evidence is sweat biological
what type of evidence is soil chemical
what is material found at a crime scene or accident scene in small but measurable amounts trace
Evidence produced by a specific event or action conditional
Produced by contact between person(s) or object(s), or between person(s) and person(s) transfer
Is temporary evidence; can be changed or lost; usually observed by the first officer at the scene Transient
Items that may associate a victim or suspect with a scene Associative
Class or Individual?--- green polyester fiber class
Class or Individual?--- semen sample individual
Class or Individual?--- fingernail scrapings individual
Class or Individual?--- size 6 female shoeprint class
Class or Individual?--- size 12 male shoe print with broken glass in tread individual
After evidence is collected and packaged, it must be _______ and ________. marked and sealed
This type of documentation is taken throughout processing the crime? notes
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