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scientific method

analyze to examine carefully and in detail to identify
independent variable the variable that the experimenter changes to test their dependent variable
record to write down in permanent form for later reference
replicate to repeat a research study, usually with different participants and in different situations, to confirm the results of the original study
problems the first step in the scientific method is to define or identify the
conclusion what a scientist writes summarizing the results of an experiment
graphs visual aides used by scientists to communicate results of an experiment
science the methodological study of the natural world through experimentation and verification of facts
measure to determine the extent, quality or dimensions
observation the action or process of examining something carefully in order to gain information
infer to make a conclusion based on reasoning and observations
scientific method the process used by scientists to solve problems
data evidence gathered through observations (especially during experiments)
research the collecting of information on a particular subject
variable part of the experiment capable to change
compare to notice similarities or differences
bias to cause favoritism or influence to experimental results
procedure a detailed series of steps to follow to perform an experiment
control a standard to compare with the results in an experiment
dependent variable the variable that depends on other factors, also the variable that will be measured and affected during the experiment
classify to group information into categories
indentify to name or recognize something based on its properties
formulate to form an idea as a result of the analysis of the data
experiment a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis or demonstrate a known fact
journal to record observations, research and other information related to the experiment
predict indicate in advance on the basis of observation, experience or scientific method
constant a feature of the experiment that does not chang
result the outcome or conclusion o f an experiment after a period of time
hypothesis a statement predicting the result of a controlled scientific experiment
examine to observe carefully and in detail
science the knowledge obtained by observing natural events and conditions in order to discover facts and formulate laws or principles that can be verified or tested
pseudoscience a process of investigation that in one or more ways resembles science but deviates from the scientific method
empirical evidence the observations, measurements, and other types of data that people gather and test to support and evaluate scientific explanations
scientific theory a system of ideas that explains many related observations and is supported by a large body of evidence acquired through scientific investigation
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