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Upper Limbs

What must be included in its entirety of a radiograph of a thumb? the distal phalanx all the way to the base of the first metacarpal
What metacarpal matches up with the trapezium? first MC
What metacarpal matches up with the trapezoid? second MC
The third MC matches up with what carpal bone? capitate
The hamate matches up with what metacarpals? 4th and 5th
The scaphoid articulates with the ________ proximally? radius
The scaphoid and the ________ articulate with the radius lunate
What is best visualized on the carpal sulcus view? pisiform and the hamulus process
Where do the radius and ulna articualte with each other? proximal radioulnar joint and the distal radioulnar joint
______ is a small depression on the medial aspect of the distal radius? ulnar notch
What bone is directly involved in the wrist joint? radius
What are the two beaklike processes of the proximal ulna called? olecranon process and coronoid process
where does the radius cross over the ulna upper forearm
Two shallow anterior depressions of the distal humerus are? the coronoid fossa and the radial fossa
What is the posterior depression of the distal humerus called? olecranon fossa
The displacement of a _______ may be the only indication of disease or injury or fx within a joint region fat pad
Are fat pads difficult to see on a radiograph yes
The scaphoid fat stripe is visualized on what views? Pa and Oblique wrist
what fat stripe is seen on a lateral wrist? pronator fat stripe
The important fat stripes of the elbow are only visualized on what position? lateral
Which is more reliable to a radiologist? A posterior or anterior fat pad? posterior
What fat tripe is used to indicate the diagnosis of nonobvious radial head or neck fxs. supinator fat stripe
Exposure factors should be? low to medium 50-70
Long or short exposure time? short
What size focal spot should be used? small
Correctly exposed images of the upper limbs should demonstrate? soft tissue margins and trabecular markings
With film, what screens should be used on hands? detail
If the pt has a small to medium plaster cast, how should you adjust your technique? increase mAs 50-60% OR kvp 5-7
If the pt has a large plaster cast, how should you adjust your technique? increse mAs 100% OR kvp 8-10
If the pt has a fiberglass cast on, how should you adjust your technique? increase mAs 25-30% OR kvp 3-4
What is bursitis? inflammation of the bursae enclosing the joints
What fx is the posterior lip of the distal radius? Bartons
Fx of the base of the first metacarpal? Bennetts
Fx of the 5th metacarpal? Boxers
What is a Colles fx? fx of the distal radius with posterior displacement
Fx of the distal radius with anterior displacement? Smiths fx
A sprain or tear of the ulnar collateral ligaments? Skier's thumb
What method would you do on a skiers thumb injury? Folio method
What projection would you do for a bennetts fx? roberts method
What is the angle for a roberts method? 15 degrees proximal
The Norgaard method looks for? rheumatoid arthritis
Altarnative to the PA wrist is the AP; what does this demonstrate? intercarpal spaces and wrist joint
What is the CR angle for scaphoid view? 10-15 degress proximal toward elbow
The alternative to a scaphoid view is? the stetcher method?
The position for a stetcher method is? hand elevated 20 degrees on sponge
Another name for Carpal canal? Gaynor Hart method
The Gaynor Hart method CR should be? 25-30 degrees tangential view
The carpal bridge CR angle should be? 45 degrees tangential view
What does the external oblique of the elbow best demonstrate? the radial head, neck, and the capitulum.
What does the internal oblique of the elbow best visualize? coronoid process of ulna and trochlea in profile
A trauma axial lateral is called? Coyle method
What is the angle of the CR for coyle method for the radial head view? 45 degree toward shoulder
What is the anlge of the CR for the coyle method for the coronoid process? 45 degree from shoulder
Acute flexion of the elbow is calleD? Jones method
Trauma axial of the elbow is called? Coyle method
The growth plates are called? epiphyses
Where is a sprain located? joints
Where is a strain located? muscles
No bone seen through the skin? closed fx
Occurs when the bone punctures the skin? open fx
A right angle with the bone? transverse fx
Incomplete fx extending from top of the bone, but not completely through? Fissure
A 45 degree angle with the long axis of the bone is what type of fx? oblique
This fx has a twisted appearane? Spiral
A lengthwise break? longitudinal
Bone fragment driven into another bone? impacted fx
Bone is sheared away from the muscle avulsion fx
Numerous fragments and crushed bone? comminuted fx
A fx in two places? double fx
A collapse of bone usually associated with vertebral bodies? compression fx
Flat bones that are moved inward from blunt trauma? depressed fx
Repetitive injury? stress fx
This fx is often associated with tumors or osteoporosis pathologic fx
Name the peds fxs? greenstick, bowing, buckle (torus), salter
Incomplete fx usually because high collagen content greenstick
A "plastic" fx bowing
Epiphyseal plate fxs. salter
The bulging of the periosteum? Torus aka buckle fx
Falling on outstretched hands causes what type of fx? Colles
It is star looking and comminuted Stellate
What is dislocation? joint out of place
What is the forward movement of bone on top of bone? sublaxation
Also known as hangmans fx sublaxation
What is open reduction? surgery to repair fx
What is closed reduction? manipulation of part to reduce fx.
Accumulation of fluid in the joing cavity? joint effusion
An abnormality of the cartilage affecting long bones? achondroplasia
Hereditary condition marked by abnormally dense bone? osteopetrosis
most common type of primary malignant tumor occuring in the bone? multiple myeloma
Narrowing of joing space with periosteal growths on the join margins? osteoarthritis
Mixed areas of scerotic and cortical thickening along with radiolucent lesions? osteopetrosis
Underdeveloped arms with trumpeting of the shafts of the long bones? achondroplasia
For advanced Paget's disease decrease or increase tech? +
For osteopetrosis do you increase or decrease tech? +
What is the only difference among the four radial head lateral projections of the elbow? rotional position of the hand and wrist
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