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Cat. Extin. E1

First Exam

-realized different in prehistoric animals to current animals -realized "extinction" Georges Cuvier
How old is the Earth? 4.543 Billion Years Old
Group of interacting and interrelated objects and phenomena. System
Components of a System (5) -Reservoir -Stock -Flux -an attribute -Subsystem
a component of a system, the container Reservoir
a component of a system, the content in the reservoir Stock
a component of a system, the movement of stock Flux
a component of a system, EX: the temperature An attribute
a component of a system, a system inside a bigger system Subsystem
Earth System and its subsystems -Climate system -Plate Tectonic System -Geodynamo System
The Spheres -Atmosphere -Hydrosphere -Biosphere -Geosphere
One of the spheres, Gaseous envelope Atmosphere
One of the spheres, All water Hydrosphere
One of the spheres, all living organisims Biosphere
One of the spheres, solid Earth (rock) Geosphere
interaction of hydrosphere, atmosphere and geosphere Climate system
Heat distribution Plate Tectonic System
Involves interactions between the inner and outer cores Geodynamo System
-Reason for Compass. -Needle is pulled toward Magnetic North. -Protects the Earth from Solar Wind Earths Magnetic Field
High Energy charged particles Solar Wind
Created by: tennkait