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Powerspeak-4th quart

PowerSpeak Latin Vocabulary Words- 4th Quarter

games munera
residents incolae
brought(in a wagon or cart) advehaverunt
brought adtulerant
drunk inebrii
laurels, laurel crown, victory laureiis
tired fessi
rewards praemia
explained explicavit
battle proelium
arrived pervenerunt
threw iecerunt
so great tantus
treacherous perfidiosum
citadel- for on a hill arcis
went ita
dragged traxerunt
arms brachiis
surrounded circumsteterunt
shields scuta
traitors proditores
body corpus
golden aureas
wage gesserunt
highpoint summo
most skilled expertissimo
prayer preces
flight fugam
heart cordibus
I shall build aedificam
reversed reverserunt
encircled circumdederunt
way, road iter
swamp paludem
little by little paulatim
to marry coniungeret
skill pertia
territory fines
reviewing lustrans
clouds nubibus
flashed coruscavit
thunder tontitrus
vanished evanuit
were silent tacuerunt
hateful odiosis
carried off sublatum
sooth mulceret
stand obslet
too much nimium
to approve approbare
by dividing partiendo
blood sanguinis
worship reverentiam
steered (a ship) gubernavit
forward-looking prospiciens
reigns regnat
doors ianuae
to steal abscondere
displayed ostentaverunt
was permitted licuit
ancestor, grandfather proavus
tribe, race gens
powerful potens
very many plurimos
triplets trigeminos
to be spared parcerentur
an oath ius iurandum
champion propugnatoribus
to distinguish distinguere
sang cecenerunt
moan gemitus
ranks, order ordinibus
to overcome superare
hope spem
they followed persecuti sunt
cowardly ignavum
mourned luxerunt
praise laudem
severity severitate
space spatium
most unequal inaequissimi
to have devoured devoravisse
speeds celeritatibus
fresh, untouched, whole integer
return reditum
troops copiarum
they had sent out profecti erant
to have been avoided vitatum esse
had been engaged sponsa erat
she had woven texuerat
hair coman
angered iratus
stained maculato
accompanied comitate sunt
to be hanged pendi
deeply moved permoti
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