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Science 1

Lab equipment, matter and it's properties, and formulas

Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space.
Physical properties Characteristics of matter that you can observe or measure without Changing the identity of the matter
Density The mass per unit volume of a substance
Mass The amount of matter in an object
Substance Matter with a composition that is always the same
Volume The amount of space a sample of matter occupies
Texture A rock's grain size and the way the grains fit together.
Color The appearance of a thing apart from size and shape when light strikes it
Shape The form of an object
Journal Used to record observations and notes
Beaker Container to store, mix, or heat liquids
Question Something that you can measure. How , Where, When, Why, and What.
Hypothesis An educated guess supported by your research
Experiment Can only change one thing, record data, need to repeat at least three times.
Analyze Use graphs, charts, tables to show your data and any patterns, include units, labels and titles.
Conclusion Was your hypothesis right or not?
LxWxH The formula used to calculate the volume of regular objects.
Archimedes Principle Used to calculate the volume of irregular objects
M/V The formula used to calculate density.
Created by: Cchavez77