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Hormonal dieseas

What is the path of addison's disease? Decrease secration of adrenocortical hormon (نقص في إفراز الكورتيزول)⬇️glucocorticoid ,mineralcorticod )
Adisons disease causes? 1)idopathic 2)autoimmiune 3)adrenal gland removal 4)abrupt cessation of steroid therapy 5)infection
S&S of adisons diesease ? ⬆️k,⬇️Na,dehydratio,weight loss,⬇️serum cortisol⬇️ACTH
What occures in adisons crisi? ⬇️Bp⬆️p⬆️R pallor ,anxiety
What is the treatment of addison diesease? 1)glucocorticoid 2)mineralcorticoid 3)hydrocortison 4)fluid electrolyte replacement
Nursing action in adisons diesease? 2)monitors&s 2)encourge ⬆️protien⬆️carbohydrate diet whith salt 3)use medical alert band
Path of cushing'syndrome? Increase secration of cortical hormones (mineralcorticoied,glucocorticoid,androgens)
What is the causes of cushings syndrome? 1)adrenal tumor 2) ⬆️ACTH 3)steroied therapy
What is the S&S of cushings syndrome ? ⬇️k,⬆️Na,water retention,pufflo moon face ,weight gain,mucle twiching'thine extremity,⬆️serum cortisol ⬆️glucose ⬇️ACTH
Treatment of cushings syndrome ? 1)adrenalectomy 2) remival of pitutitary gland (hypo physectomy) 3)D/C steroid therapy but slowly 4)treat complication (osteoprosisi,DM)
Nursing action in cushing syndrom diesease? 1)monitor s&s 2)diet reich in potassium (banana,avocado) 3)protect from infection 4)alert band
What is the normal blood glucose metabolism ? Blood glucose regulate by 1)insulin 2glucagon 3)glucose stores as glycogen in liver and adipose fat tissue
Path of dibeties mellitus? ⬇️insulin lead to hyperglycemia (blood glucose)
What is the type of dibeties mellitus? 1)insuline dependent dibetic mellitus(destruction of beta cell lede to no or littil insuline 2)non depent insulin dibtic mellitus (insulin resistence )decrease secration of insulin
The main sighn and sympotom of DM? Polyuria Polydipsia Polyphagia
What is the treatment of dibetic mellitus? 1)if type 1regular exercise and (food ⬇️calori⬆️carbohydrate⬆️protien⬆️fat) 2)if type 2 oral hypoglycemic or injection
Nursing action to DM? 1)exercies instruction 2)food instruction 3)foot care 4)self monitoring blood glucose and urine test for keton
Path of hypothyrodism ? 1)autoimmune condition(hasshimoto's thyroiditis)lymphocytic destruction 2)hypothalmus and pitutary problen
What is the sign and symptome of hypothyrodism? 1)⬇️p⬇️T⬇️R⬆️BP 2)weghit gain 3)T3,T4 decrease 4)constipation
What is the treatment of hypothyroidism? 1)hormonal replacement with levothyroxine 2) TSH monitor dise to optimum dose
Nursing action to hypothyrodism? 1)monitor s&s 2)keep patient warm 3)increase fluid and fiber diet
Path of hyperthyrodism? Autoimmune (craves disease)
What is S&S of hyperthyrodism? 1)⬆️P⬆️T⬆️R⬆️BP 2)weight gain 3)dirrhea 4)nervousness,hunger, enlarg gland, bulging eye ,osteoprosis,
What is the treatment of hyperthyrodism? 1)radioactiv iodine destroys thyroid cell 2)methimazol ,proplthourcil 3)thyroidectomy
Nursing action to hyperthyrodism? 1)monitorS&S 3)provid cool enviroment 3)eye care 4)diet high in protien and calori
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