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A list of verbs that refer to cooking and recipes

to dice to cut food into small cubes
to add to put with other ingredients
to bake to cook in an oven
to boil to cook in hot, bubbling water
to chop to cut
to cook to heat-up in order to eat
to crush to smash into small pieces
to drain to let extra water out of the food
to drink to take in a liquid
to eat to take in food
to extract to take something out of something else
to fry to cook in oil
to garnish to put food on the plate for decoration
to grate to cut into small strips using a grater
to knead to mix or massage dough with one's hands
to leave to cool to let something hot sit out until it is cool
to leave to set to let something sit out until it gets harder
to melt to make a solid like ice change to a liquid like water
to peel to take the skin off of a food
to pour to empty a container of its liquid contents
to preheat to turn the oven on before baking in order to reach the right temperature
to prepare to make ready
to season to add spices to something
to serve to pass out food for people to eat
to shred to tear into strips
to simmer to allow something to cook at a low temperature for a long time
to slice to cut into sections (usually round)
to spoon to use a spoon to add or remove ingredients or food
to spread to put evenly on top
to sprinkle to put on top slowly using one's fingers
to steam to cook food using steam
to stew to let something cook in liquid at a low temperature for a long time
to stir to mix in a circular motion
to taste to sample the food
to mix to put ingredients together
to cut to put a knife through the food
to wash to clean with water
to combine to put ingredients together
to strain to put food into a strainer in order to allow extra water to come out
Created by: HerrLawson