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The crime scene stud

The crime scene quiz review study guide

Define forensic science. The science of investigation.
Bones Anthropology
Insects Entomology
Autopsy Pathology
Teeth Odontology
Which do you think is more reliable, a testimonial evidence or physical evidence? Physical evidence
Describe what happens at the crime scene from the 911 call to turning the evidence over to the lab. Include the responding officer (his duties), the CSI team (their duties) and the chain of custody. The responding officers have to make sure the victim is breathing first. Then if the victim is not breathing do CPR.
Rough Sketch The drawn outline of the scene and the location of the objects.
Final sketch Where everything was put in order of the crime scene.
Witness statement Testimonial
Blood Physical
Ransom Note Physical
Hair Physical
Shoe print Physical
AB + blood Class
Worn tired tread Class
New tire tread Class
Red T-shirt Class
Hair with root Individual
Drugs Chemical
Shoe print Impression
Blood Biological
Gun Ballistics
Glass Chemical
Ransom note Document
What 3 ways is the crime scene documented by the CSI team? 1. Establish the scene and identify how the person was killed. 2. Communicate and coordinate 3. Document and process the scene
What are the 4 types of crime scene searches? Zone. spiral, strip, and grid.
Created by: Katwill678