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Music Concepts S-Z

Scales Series of notes in alphabetical order which are the basis of melodies and harmonies
Sections Structural divisions of music either identified by their function (e.g. Introduction) or by a letter (e.g. ‘A’ section)
Sectional forms Structures such as Binary or Ternary whose design divides music into distinct sections
Sequence A melodic pattern repeated at a higher or lower pitch
Simple metres A description of metres with dotless beats, pulses in 2s and a running feel
Slide A small glissando
Solo A term associated with featuring. Either (1) an unaccompanied piece delivered by a single instrument or voice on its own; (2) a piece for a feature instrument supported by an accompaniment; (3) the music where the soloist features while improvising
Sonic lustre A description of timbre in terms of its brightness
Sostenuto articulation A playing technique which results in successive notes overlapping each other
Stabs Abrupt bursts of subordinate layers which immediately disappear, leaving a relatively thin, dominant layer to feature
Staccato articulation A playing technique which results in successive notes being short and detached from each other
Staggered entry A method of increasing density by gradually adding layers or sound sources
Staggered exit A method of decreasing density by gradually subtracting layers or sound sources
Strophic form A song structure where the same music is repeated for each new verse
Structure The concept which refers to the design of the music and examines the occurrence and the organisation of sections and sub-sections
Style A classification of similar-sounding music into a single genre
Style ensemble A band distinguished by the kind of music it plays (e.g. Latin band, blues band or soul band)
Sub-sections Structural divisions of sections of music
Subordinate layer Any layer which has a tendency to support by providing an accompaniment
Syncopation The displacement of an expected emphasis to create a rhythmic surprise
Tempo The pace of the music as determined by the speed of the beat
Tension decrease A gradual decline in the excitement level of the music
Tension increase A gradual build-up of the excitement level of the music
Ternary form The structure of music with three distinct sections, the third being a repetition of the first
Texture The concept which refers to the layers within the music and how they relate to each other
Theme and variations The structure of music with distinct sections, which are varied repetitions of the initial musical idea
Through composed A song structure where the musical accompaniment varies in character to reflect the changing feelings of the lyrics
Tierce de Picardie The use of a major chord to end a piece in minor tonality
Timbres The sound qualities which can be produced by an instrument or voice
Time signature A fraction placed at the beginning of music notation, indicating how many and what kind, of beats or pulses there will be per bar
Tonality Refers to the combined melodic and harmonic ‘flavour’ of tonal music
Tonal music Music which sounds like it has a tendency to be drawn to the tonic or home note
Tone colour The concept of music which refers to the orchestration of music
Tone colour The choice of instrument/s selected to play a musical part
Tonic The technical name for the first note of a scale
Tremolo The technical name for the first note of a scale
Tremolo The rapid repetition of a note
Trill Rapidly alternating two notes
Triple metre A description of metre where the beats are accented in regular patterns of three
Triplet Three notes played in the time of two
Turn Four notes (the note above, the note, the note below and the note again) sung or played as an embellishment of the original note
Unison The simultaneous performance of a part by two or more instruments of voices
Unity Created by restating musical ideas and used by composers to provide the comfort of familiarity
Unmetred A description of beats without patterns of accents
Verse-chorus form A song structure in which verses and choruses alternate
Vibrato The technique of slightly wavering around an intended pitch to create expression
Walking bass A bass technique typically used in jazz music which features scaly passages and broken chords played on the beat
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