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Chapter 1 review

What is LTC? care given for 24 hours
What is home health care? Is provided in a persons home. (clients)
What os assisted living facilities? is someone who needs help with daily care, they do not need twenty four hour care allow more independence living in a home like area
What is adult day services? need assisantce and supervision during certain hrs and do not live in a facility where care is provided.
What is acute care? 24 hour skilled care given in hospitals and abulatory surgical centers for people who require short-term or immediate care for illness or injuries
What is subacute care? care given in a hospital or LTC facility. Used 4 people who need less care than for an acute illness, but more care than for a chronic illness.
What is outpatient care? Care given 4 less than twenty four hours for people who have had treatments or surgery and need short term skilled care
What is rehabilitation? care given by specalist PT, OT and speech therapist restore or improve function after illness or injury
What is hospice care? given in facilites or homes for people who have approximately six months or less to live.
What are five services commonly offered at LTC? Physical or occupational and speech therapy, wound care, care of different types of tubes inculding catheters, Nutrition therapy, management of chronic diseases, diabetes exc.
PWhat are two general categories of residents first category terminal care (which will die in facility) second category (residents admmitted for rehabilitation or temporary illness.(they will recover and turn to community)
What are five common policies at LTC facilities? Residents, information must stay confidental, dont accept gifts from a resident, notify important events, don't do task that you are not supposed to perform, must be on time to work
What are two ways that surveyors study how well staff care for residents? How well they care for residents, social and emotional needs
Briefly describe what the Medicare and Medicaid programs do? Medicare- for people 65 years or older covers for people with kidney failure or certain disabilities. Only pays for care it determines to be necessary Medicaid- for low income tax people, elgbility is determined by income
What is culture change? ZA
What is skilled care? medically necessary care given by a skilled nurse or therpaist it is available for twenty for hours a day. DRS have to order it.
What are chronic conditions? is something you have for a long time
What is Patient Protection and afforable care act? establish affordable insurance exchanges. Intended to bring quailty care within the reach of those who do not have access to an employer
What is health maintenance organizations? require that participants use a certain doctor or group of doctors except in case of emergency
What is preferred provider organizations? are another cost reducing healthcare option. A network of providers that contract to provide health services to a group of people
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