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Medical terms 1

Anti- Against, opposite of
Brady- Slow
Endo- Within
Epi- Upon, over, above
Neo- New
Pre- To come before
Append/o, Appendic/o Appendix
Bi/o Life
Cardi/o Heart
Cerebr/o Brain, cerebrum
Dermat/o Skin
Electr/o Electricity
Encephal/o Brain
Gastr/o Stomach
Hem/o Blood
Hepat/o Liver
Hyster/o Uterus
Laryng/o Voice box, larnyx
Leuk/o White
Mamm/o Breast
Mast/o Breast
Ment/o Mind
Nat/o Birth
Neur/o Nerve
Path/o Disease
Proct/o Rectum or anus
Psych/o Mind
Rhin/o Nose
Tonsill/o Almond, tonsil
Vas/o Vessel
-al Pertaining to
-ectomy Surgical excision, removal
-emia Condition of blood
-gram A record or image
-ia Condition of
-iatry Treatment, specialty
-ic Pertaining to
-itis Inflammation
-logist One who studies
-logy Study or science of
-pathy Disease
-philia Loving, affinity for
-plasty Surgical repair
-scope Instrument used for viewing
-tic Pertaining to
-meter Measure or measuring instrument
-pathy Disease
-scope Viewing
-drome Run or running
-emesis Vomiting
-malacia Softening
-opsy View of
-oxia Condition of oxygen
-philia, -Phil Loving or affinity for
-phagia Eating or swallowing
-phasia Speaking
-physis Growth
-plegia Paralysis
-oma Tumor
-stasis Standing still
-algia Condition of pain
-asthenia Weakness
-atresia A closure or the absence of a normal body opening
-cele Hernia, swelling or protrusion
-dynia Pain
-penia Deficiency or abnormal reduction in number
-plasia Formation, growth
-rrhagia Abnormal discharge
-rhea Discharge
-rrhexis Rupture
-sclerosis Condition or hardening
-spasm Sudden involuntary muscle contraction
-ad Toward
-emia, -hemia Condition of blood
Cyt Cell
-iatry Treatment or specialty
-practic Practice
-centesis Surgical puncture
-clasia, -clasia, -clast Break apart
-desis Surgical fixation or fusion
-ectomy Surgical excision or removal
-gram A record of
-graphy The process of recording
-graph And instrument for recording
-metry Process of measuring
-pexy Surgical fixation or suspension
-phylaxis Protection
-plasty Surgical repair
-rrhaphy Suturing
-scope A viewing instrument
-scopy The process of viewing
-stomy Surgical creation of an opening
-tomy, An incision
-tome A cutting instrument
-tripsy Surgical crushing
-ion Process
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