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1ACT Sci Vocab 1-15

Acceleration The rate of change of velocity
Aerobic respiration The breakdown of glucose in the body of an animal to supply muscles with oxygen
Aerosol Solid or liquid particles suspended in gas
Alkalinity Having a ph less than 7 (contrast with basic, which meaning having a ph greater than 7)
Altitude Elevations above a level of reference,usually given in feet above sea level
Amino acids Organic compounds that link together to form proteins
Anatomical related to the structure of an organism
Antigen Substance such as a toxin or enzyme that is capable of eliciting an immune response
Antitoxin An antibody created for and capable of neutralizing a toxin
Asteroids Small celestial bodies orbiting the sun
Asthenosphere Lower layer of Earth's crust
Bacteria Single celled microorganisms
Basalt Solidified lava; a dense, dark grey, fine grained igneous rock
Basic Having a ph greater than 7 ( contrast with alkalinity)
Biomass The total mass of all living matter within a given area
Created by: dfosterteacher