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Nursing: Past to Pre

Ancient Civilization Ancient Babylonia - Contained Elements of Magic, Chants, Herbs, Etc.
Ancient Civilization Hippocrates was practicing during this time. In which the Hippocratic Oath Came From That We Use Today
Ancient Civilization Chinese Acupuncture was used during this time
Ancient Civilization Egyptian Sanitation Laws Were Established
Ancient Civilization Roman Empire based Military Hospitals
Early Christian Era Deacons and Deconesses served the sick, poor, aged, orphaned, widows, slaves, and prisoners.
Early Christian Era Two Women's Groups Were Formed: "Order of the Widows" and "Order of the Virgins"
Fabiola Founded the first public hospital
Early Middle Ages AKA THE DARK AGES
Early Middle Ages Intellectual progress (learning) nearly stopped.
Early Middle Ages Medicine & Health became associated with religious groups
Early Middle Ages Emphasis in medicine shifted from anatomy, physiology, and the healing effects of nature's drugs to personal care and comfort.
The High Middle Ages Knights Hospitalers' strict principles of discipline, obedience, and devotion
The High Middle Ages Deaconess Movement Vanished
The High Middle Ages Monostatic nursing orders were developed
The High Middle Ages The Crusades Occcured During This Time
The High Middle Ages Bubonic "Black" Plague killed 1/4th of the population
The Renaissance "Revival of Learning"
The Renaissance There was a new idea of that the world could be studied
The Renaissance Medicine took a lead among sciences.
The Renaissance Nursing DECLINED & Fell to it's lowest point
The Renaissance Nursing was performed by prosititutes and alcoholic women who were given the work instead of jail
Created by: Tylore